Makai Hongi – 51


Golan’s mana had increased.

I was so shocked that I couldn’t even think for a second.

Before I knew it, Golan was running at an incredible speed. And then he slammed his metal rod onto the Gigant Centaur’s front legs.

It was such a strong attack that the metal rod bent on the first hit.

And he had aimed for the knees, which were the weakest part. That told you a lot about his personality.

Then he hit again with the bent rod. This time, it bent from the other side.

The Gigant Centaur tried to jump away in pain.

However, it had forgotten the chains, and it just failed and fell on its side. That was kind of funny to watch.

Golan grabbed the Gigant Centaur… Ah, once your mana reaches that level, you can deal damage with just your hands.

However, the Gigant Centaur wasn’t backing down yet.

I thought that it was moving around strangely at first, but then he broke the chains that bound him. What incredible power.

And then he kicked Golan with his hooves.

Woah. Golan crashed into the ground and died… No, it seems like he didn’t. He got back up and seems fine.

Yeah, apparently, I wasn’t mistaken about his increased mana.

Normally, that kick would have turned his bones into powder. He should have died.

But if he can hop back up and launch a counterattack, it means that his body was tougher because of his strengthened mana.

“That bastard… He was hiding this.”

So he was purposely fighting me with low mana.

That’s all he needed to beat me. It made me angry.

I would have to challenge him again when we returned to the village.

Oh, Golan grabbed the legs that he had smashed with the iron bar.

His face was very red as his muscles bulged. What was he trying to do?

Woah. That bastard. He bent one of the Gigant Centaur’s legs with just his arm strength. Was such a thing even possible?

Even the enemy seemed surprised. It stood up frantically, but one of its legs was hanging limply. He wouldn’t be able to run anymore.

In other words, he couldn’t run away.

Golan and the Gigant Centaur. Which one would lose their strength first? It was the beginning of the death match.

And I had a front row seat.

…It’s when I thought this that Beka came up next to me.

“Oh, this looks entertaining. Don’t you think so, brother?”

“Yeah… I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Golan had been hurt in the side of the stomach. The Gigant Centaur had one leg broken.

The fight had just begun.

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  1. I like to see the perspective of the other characters on Golan. But it’s Painy’s point of view that I would really like to read. Mainly because you never know what she’s thinking.

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