Makai Hongi – 69

Chapter 69


“Felicia. Is there something that you noticed?”

Felicia was the person that General Farneze trusted the most when it came to strategy.

When it came to who she trusted most in strength, that was Atrasushia, who was left at Melvis’s castle. I suppose it was these two who were closest advisors.

“About this movement. If you look at the root of it, this is a Gekokujyo resulting from the invasion by the Celestial World.”
“Indeed. Since the Demon King was defeated, not only Lesser Demon Kings and Demon Kings are afraid, but even Great Demon Kings are wary of the Celestial World.”

And that’s why battles were being waged with more ferocity than before.

“Whether it’s Leninoth or Fara. Such squabbles should not be enough to prompt someone like Demon King Tralzard into action. However, it would be a different matter if the Celestial World was involved.”

“So what you’re saying, Felicia, is that Demon King Tralzards actions are related to the Celestial World?”

“It is still within the realm of  speculation, but the hole in the sky opened above the Barodoto territories, which is directly south of Tralzard. Furthermore, the Pillars of Salt are located in Tralzard’s lands. It would not be odd if his actions are related to the Celestial World.”


General Farneze was deep in thought.

This hole they were talking about, was the hole that opened up in the sky when the Celestial World invaded us decades ago.

They had wreaked havoc on the Demon World and then left.

Their purpose had been to take the ‘Orbs of Control’ that existed in the bodies of all of us.

In the Celestial World, they were just referred to as ‘Magic Stones.’

Demon King Baradoto was defeated by the Celestial beings, and his country was currently split into seven pieces.

There were no traces of its former glory now.

As for the ‘Pillars of Salt’—It was also known as the ‘Six Pillars of Salt,’ and was said to have been used as a base by the Celestial beings when they invaded.

They had attempted to cover the Demon World with some kind of ‘Holy Power.’ However, in spite of their best efforts, this part of their plan ended in failure.

And the pathetic remnants of the Holy Power were left in the Demon World as pillars of salt.

The only reason why they were still there, was because no one wanted to go close to them. I had never seen them myself.

“I understand what you mean, Felicia. We should assume that there is likely another motive as we discuss the matter. Now, about their request, do any of you have any thoughts?”

The General asked, and many of the others spoke up.

But most of it was what I had been thinking.

We simply did not have a sufficient fighting force if we were going to stop Leninoth and Fara. So, what could be done? There were many opinions about this as well, and it didn’t seem likely that everyone would agree on one thing.

“…Perhaps we should take a short break.”

While the deadline was tomorrow, they had to reach a decision as soon as possible.

And so the General must have thought it would be a good idea to let our minds rest.

She turned to me.

“By the way, Golan. You were against agreeing to their proposal. Why is that?”

I hated when she interrogated me.

However, I had to answer.

“I didn’t say I was against it. I told you that it wasn’t realistic.”

“Is it really? I think that we can acquire a lot of power if we target the weaker countries first.”

“Yes. Lesser Demon King Lubanga is currently being attacked by two countries at the same time. Because of this, he is forming an alliance with Lesser Demon King Rous…or attempting to. Fortunately, we share a border with Rous, so it will be possible for us to invade them as soon as they send their army to support Lubanga.”

A big problem in the Demon World was that when Country A and Country B started fighting, Country C would suddenly intervene.

Every country was just itching for a fight.

And while Countries A, B, and C fought, Country D would then join the fray.

Once that happened, there was no end to the chaos.

And a great war between many countries would ensue.


Makai Hongi

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