Realist Demon King – 113

The Altar Chamber


We had killed the bipedal bull, but the exploration was not over yet.

The reason that we had come down to this dungeon, was in order to find Ryoma’s father, the Hero Sakamoto Ryoma.

And we had not accomplished that yet.

We needed to find him down here first, if he was indeed here.

However, it was then that Jeanne brought up a question that had been bothering her.

“If Ryoma’s father really is down here, wouldn’t he have been eaten by that monster already…”

Ryoma scowled upon hearing this. But she answered in a quiet voice.

“He must be fine. My father is clever. He likely found a way to move around that thing and is deeper in the dungeon.”

“Really? And what is he doing there?”

“He must be searching for the secret treasure.”

There was supposed to be some mirror that let you reunite with the dead.

And so it seemed to us that finding this treasure would be a shortcut to finding him.

If it was nowhere to be found, then it would suggest that Ryoma was also gone. And if it was here, then he would come to us.

It seemed like a good idea from both points of view, but the problem was how we would find it.

“These are the times that I wish Hanzo or Fuma Kotaro were with us.”

Eve said with a sigh. However, sighing was not going to bring them here.

I had told them to stay, demonstrating a certain lack of foresight on my part, but there was nothing to be done now.

When I told her this, she disagreed.

Only it wasn’t really her. It was someone who wore a maid outfit and was very beautiful, but it wasn’t Eve.

She wasn’t even a maid.

Perhaps not even a woman.

Because it was the ninja who had lived in the feudal era, Fuma Kotara.

After suddenly appearing, she grinned mischievously and said,

“I am a shadow. A shadow who obeys you. I will appear when you need me and vanish when you don’t, that’s what a shinobi does.”

‘Wonderful,’ Eve said happily.

Perhaps their work ethic was one thing they had in common.

Was that why Fuma was dressed as a maid now? It was a mystery.

They one thing that was for certain, was that Fuma Kotaro’s appearance meant that the mirror was all but found.

Fuma’s searching abilities were next to none in the Ashtaroth army.

Now that we had an expert scout in our party, we decided to split up and search through the dungeon.

Since Eve and Jeanne were surprisingly good together last time, and since I thought that competition would help them grow, I used the same tactic again.

Jeanne did not look pleased, but Eve bowed with resignation and accepted the decision. She probably wanted to be seen as preceptive.

This meant that I was paired with Ryoma. And the half elf seemed to be rather smug about this.

“Perhaps I’ll be a married woman by the time we meet my father.”

She said.

Sensing danger, especially since we would be in the dark, I had Fuma Kotaro accompany us.


Was the quiet answer.

Ryoma looked annoyed, that is, until she saw how capable Kotaro was.

“Well, I’ll be. I’ve heard rumors of the shinobi before, but this…”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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