Realist Demon King – 113


Kotaro would put his ear to the dungeon walls and search for hidden doors.

And by listening to the ground, he could discover the layout of the dungeon.

It was godlike from the perspective of an amateur.

And it was further proof that having a ninja with you was the best for exploration.

As I thought this, Fuma Kotaro suddenly stopped.

There was a boulder up ahead, and apparently, it was very suspicious.

Yes, it was odd to see a boulder like that here. Was the ancient mirror inside of it then?

“It is likely.”

Kotaro agreed as he began to inspect it.

It seemed like he was looking for traps and tricks. But it didn’t look like there was anything to find.

—Though, that was the view of an amateur. The moment that he touched it, spears shot out.

They pierced into the maid clothes.


Ryoma shouted. But I patted her on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry. A shinobi would never die from something like that.”

If she looked closely, she would see that there was now a wooden log there instead.

It was a common trick they used. But where had the log come from?

Had he been carrying it around?

Completely unharmed, Fuma Kotaro continued his investigation. But he remained expressionless and silent.

By the time he had deactivated all of the traps, Jeanne and Eve joined us.

Since everyone was together, we stepped inside of the boulder. The inside was hollowed out.

“It must have been used by priests in ancient times.”

Eve suggested. And she was probably right.

There were runes everywhere that suggested it was a civilization of magic.

“How interesting… It feels like such a mystical place.”

These kinds of altars were often built near dragon veins. Places of power, you could say. And there was something to be felt by just being there.

“Yes, I feel quite solemn.”

I muttered. And then I continued forward.

It was quite spacious. Like a small mansion. And there was a long flight of stairs.

This seemed to be ignoring the laws of physics, but I supposed that this place was special.

That was how impressive this ancient civilization was. In any case, I walked for a good three minutes before I reached the end.

It was where I expected to see the mirror. This thing that allowed you to contact the dead.

The mirror itself was just something that we were looking for in order to find Sakamoto Ryoma. But as a sorcerer, ancient artifacts interested me greatly.

And so Eve turned to me.

“Master, you’re so excited that you remind me of a child.”

And it was with that level of excitement that I stepped into the chamber with the altar.

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