Realist Demon King – 193

Idle Talk: Airbag

The lord of Ashtaroth Castle, Ashta, was a Demon King who had been born in this world recently.

In his past life, he was a poor nobleman, but here, he had a castle and a country.

His main job was to enrich his country and take charge of political, military and diplomatic affairs.

It was a lot of work, but worth doing. He would sometimes even disguise himself in order to watch the commoners, and it was enough to blow away the fatigue of the day.

And while he did have a lot of work, he also had entertainment.

For instance, there was a race called dwarves in this world.

And they liked to tinker with machines.

And so they would often invent interesting machines.

It was a pastime of his to join them in this fun, which was perhaps a little childish.

However, the modified carriage that Gottlieb made was certainly fun to drive.

It would be a butler’s job to drive ladies around, but this vehicle was very different from an ordinary carriage, and allowed you to experience a unique sensation.

Instead of a horse, it was pulled by a small dragon, and it had three times the speed of a horse.

Not only that, but it had a suspension and an impact absorption system, as well as brakes.

It really was a vehicle of the future.

No matter what age it was, men liked machines.

In the past, seeing crossbows and the machines of the dwarves would fill his heart with excitement.

He recalled such things as he caressed the dwarven carriage.

Keeping it so polished at all times was both a sign of gratitude towards the dwarves, but also for himself.

A boy likes to see a clean shiny machine.

And so as he thought of such things and polished the carriage with more fervor than usual, the Saint approached him.

Her name was Jeanne d’Arc.

She was a Hero who had been summoned.

Why had she come here at such an hour?

There were too many possible explanations.

She was a Hero who had a lot of spare time, and so she would go to his office and eat snacks for no reason in particular.

And due to this habit of eating biscuits and potato chips, the floor was always dirty.

It was too bad, as it meant the maids had more work to do.

Thankfully, she was not carrying food on this day, but instead, she surely brought trouble with her.

That is what he thought.

It must have showed on his face, as she pouted with annoyance.

“Demon King, you think I’ve brought trouble with me, don’t you?”

He could not deny it.

“As if I would bring trouble with me every time. I just have a little request for you today, Demon King.”

That’s what they call trouble. But he didn’t say it, and waited for her to continue.

“I would like to borrow your precious dwarven carriage, no, I mean dragon wagon. Recently, I’ve become fond of driving carriages. And I want to drive something that is fast.”

A Demon King would not make outdated jokes about women driving, would he?

She seemed to say as she looked at him.

And to such a puppy-dog expression, few men would be able to shake their head.

As he had no choice, he agreed to give his permission. And so Jeanne happily drove the carriage.

But her handling was rough, and he soon regretted his decision. And then half an hour later, she returned.

And she said this,

“Demon King. I have both good news and bad news for you. Which would you like to hear first?”

“Indeed. The good news then.”

“The airbag in Gottlieb’s vehicle actually works. And I am safe.”

…Was there any need to ask what the bad news was?

The vehicle had been destroyed.

No one would ever ride it again.

“…And it was my favorite…”

But while he did think this, he was also glad that Jeanne was safe.

And though there was a grimace there, he patted her on the head.

Her tail did not wag like a puppy…only because she didn’t have one.

However, her eyes were glistening and pure, just like a dog’s.

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