Realist Demon King – 112

Demon Zagrof


A monster made of the corpses of bats.

A monster that even Eve did not know about. And she was called the walking database.

I chanted a spell so that I could look at the monster’s status.

[Name] Zagrof

[Rarity] Mithril Rare ☆☆☆☆

[Race] Beast Devil

[Job] Warrior

[Combat Ability] 4879

[Skill] Unknown

That was the status of the bull monster.

The cyclops were among the strongest soldiers in the Ashtaroth army, and yet their combat ability didn’t even reach 2000. That was how strong this monster was.

“Had it come out during the fight with Sabnac, I would have likely been the one to die.”

But I said this so the others couldn’t hear.

It would only lower their morale if they knew how intimidated I was.

I was their chief. Even if you felt something welling up from the pit of your stomach, you had to pretend like you were undaunted.

Besides, even if the numbers were high, they weren’t everything.

It was more of an estimate.

Just a good way of having an idea who would win if they fought on even ground, such as in a colosseum. It wasn’t an assurance of anything.

Not only that, but I was quite sure that Jeanne’s combat ability was still higher. On that note, Ryoma’s was also quite high.

And as a Demon King, I could not allow a mere bull devil to get ahead of me.

And so I decided that I would be the first to attack.

Fireballs appeared in both of my hands, and then I combined them to make a Great Fireball.

It was like a small sun. And it shot straight towards the bull. However, the bull charged right into it.

His arms embraced the fire, compressing and then destroying it.


I had not been expecting such a move at all. I felt frantic for just a second, but that was when the Saint joined the fight.


The sound was quite clear as she unleashed her attack. And like that, the bull’s right arm fell to the ground.

It let out a roar, and then Ryoma offered her support.

Her gun fired off round after round as if she were trying to burn the barrel.

But the bullets were so small that most of them bounced off the tough skin of the bull. Still, a few did pierce through and enter its body.

Both of their attacks were dealing great damage, but it was only for a moment.

The bullets that Ryoma unleashed were pushed out within seconds.

And his wounds were closing up.

The bull simply picked up the severed arm, and it reconnected immediately.

Bubbles appeared around the wound and healed it.

Jeanne saw this with surprise.

“What kind of monster!?”

Ryoma’s reaction was similar.

Eve was the only one who seemed calm.

She analysed it with a cool expression.

“I believe this bull is this dungeon’s boss. A guardian among guardians.”

“It seems to be the case. Damn it. He just had to have a ‘regeneration ability.’”

“Indeed. You will not be able to kill him unless you take off his head.”

“At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could heal that as well.”

“Does that mean it’s hopeless?”

Jeanne shouted angrily.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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