Realist Demon King – 131

Ryoma’s Investigation Report

Demon King Ashtaroth drove away the ghost fleet and their leader with impressive skill. I have witnessed his ability in person many times now, but find myself surprised nonetheless.

It was no wonder that the great Marco Polo saw something in him.
At first, I had been against the idea of using a Demon King to fight against a Demon King.

My dislike for Demon King Dagon was so strong, that I did not want to ask Ashtaroth for help.

That’s why I had to go to the lands that he ruled over, and see him for myself. And my efforts were rightfully rewarded.

He was a better Demon King than I could have imagined. A better man.

He helped me, a complete stranger, and now he was saving this city.

Besides, he wasn’t doing it in hopes of receiving a reward. He has said that if he succeeded in defeating Demon King Dagon, he would ask for nothing more than a fair trading agreement.

And judging by what I’ve seen of his character, I believe him. I’ve been watching him closely when I can, and he was very sincere when talking with others.

For instance, when dealing with his maid, Eve. He was never arrogant or self-important. An ideal master. He would always smile and thank her when she brought him tea. And would not get upset if she made a mistake.

(Though, she almost never did make mistakes.)

And he treated his other subordinates with equal generosity.

Even difficult people like Toshizou or unpredictable people like Jeanne were accepted for who they were. And he was able to draw out their talents. He was really an ideal leader.

After seeing all of this, I wanted to take him as a husband and have his children.

Or perhaps I could just spend one night with him, as a reward for saving the city.

No, in fact, I would do just that.

And so I visited Marco’s mansion, where Ashta was staying. At midnight, in a nearly see through negligee.

Of course, I did not forget to put on some perfume as well.

And while it was with much beauty and allure that I knocked on his door, he did not let me inside, but sent me away like a gentleman. Though, he was clearly taken in by my charms.

“I’ll accept the sentiment.”

He said. But since I had come with such anticipation, it was quite a disappointment.

At first I wondered if it was that I had lost to the beautiful flower that was Eve, and the pure appeal of Jeanne, but it was not the case.

After I stood by the door for some time with feelings of regret, I saw Jeanne walking towards me while holding a pillow. She was also wearing a negligee, and was also turned away.

It seemed that Ashta was without such lust. Perhaps he was like a monk. But then another suspicion came to me.

It was…

“Perhaps he prefers men.”

After all, what man could resist my ample chest or the saint’s golden hair? Well, it could be explained well enough if his tastes went in another direction.

And so I decided to send one of the beautiful young men that lived in Marco’s mansion.

He was beautiful, like a classic statue, with the finest eyes and nose. The kind who attracted both men and women, much to his own frustration. However, he would have to bear it for my little experiment.

The man knocked on Ashta’s door, and was also turned away. In fact, it was with greater speed than with me and Jeanne. Perhaps this one was too muscular for him.

Perhaps he preferred a different type. And so I called out one of the apprentice youths that worked at the mansion and had him put on a dress.

Ashta was quite surprised by this. He looked at the apprentice suspiciously, but it was not with any kind of interest. He had just recognized the person who had served him during the day, only he was now in a dress. And so when he too was turned away, I was very puzzled. That’s when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

It was the maid, Eve. Her eyebrows were raised. She was not amused by the fact that I was disturbing her master’s sleep. ‘Please take you leave,’ she said. She had all the rage of a demon in her eyes, and so I obeyed. But I asked her one question first.

“Tell me, what kind of woman does the Demon King prefer?”

Eve was troubled by this question. Her eyebrows lowered and then she muttered.
“…How easy would things be, if I knew the answer to that.”

I see. So she too could not find the answer.
And then Eve told me about ‘herbivores.’

“Apparently, it’s a word used to describe men who are dense and have a lower interest in women.”

“Hmm. That is an oddly fitting way to put it.”

It made sense. Perhaps I should call the strategy king the herbivore king from now on.

However, I was not giving up either. No, he would be a carnivore one day. We elves have long lives, but it is harder for us to become pregnant. And so it was necessary to be aggressive when you find the man you want to be with.

So, that is my investigative report. Of course, it was not something I could submit to these conservative merchants. So it had to be altered greatly.

And so I wrote about his personality and virtues, and ended it with a recommendation. We should hope for a long lasting alliance.

That was a summary of its contents. After seeing the report, most of the merchants trusted the Demon King, and offered to support him with funds.

With this money, he was to hire mercenaries and defeat Demon King Dagon and the captain of the ghost ship. And I was sure that he would do just that.

In fact, I meant to offer Ashta my entire fortune as well. That was how much I trusted him.

And my trust would be rewarded…

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  1. Heh Ryoma sent dudes to try to seduce Ashta since her own attempt failed. It’s also funny how Eve called him a herbivore.

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