Realist Demon King – 99

Season’s Flowers


Due to the effects of the coffee, I got up quite late the next morning. Still, I had slept very well. And so I questioned Eve as I got up.

“You said you got the coffee from a merchant. Is this merchant still here?”

“Did you enjoy it that much? In that case, I shall have the merchant arrested and confiscate all of his beans.”

“Hey, now. You sound like a demon.”

“I am a demon.”

“That’s true. However, you are a kind demon, are you not?”

“I strive to be kind when in your presence, Master.”

“Well, be kind to this merchant then.”


She said with a bow. It was her idea of a joke.

She would never do anything that would negatively affect my reputation.

“Still, I would like to have more of it.”

“How much?”

“One ton.”

“Oh, do you intend on staying up every night so you can work?”

“Of course, not. I’m no corporate slave.”

I had heard about these legendary creatures in the other world.

They were masochists who worked in companies without ever sleeping.

It was said that they did not fear death and always worked for low wages while staying loyal to their leaders. I had never seen warriors like that in any other world.

Even slaves in the ancient world would have rebelled under such conditions.

And so I had my doubts about their existence. I could not help it.

“I want to sell these coffee beans in the town. I think there would be high demand for it.”

“Indeed. Currently, the market is flooded with green, black, and herb teas.”

“Yes. And if coffee becomes popular, there may be coffee houses next.”

It was not common knowledge, but before tea became popular in England, coffee houses were everywhere.

And it was in such places that many writers and artists held their debates and contributed to the development of culture. I wanted such a hybrid city to be born in my town.

An industrial city, commercial city, and also an agricultural city.

Currently, things were going well in every area, but we hadn’t expanded enough to give rise to a cultural city.

And the development of culture was very important if I wanted this city to be like the great cities of that other world. Rome, Constantinople, London, Paris, Chang’an, and Edo.

And so I told Eve to move as soon as possible. She must find this merchant who sold coffee beans.

Unfortunately, the merchant could not be found in the town. He had already left.

He was a peddler.

I was very saddened to hear this news. That’s when the chief of the intelligence unit came to me.

Fuma Kotaro declared that he would find the merchant who had just left town.

‘I hope you do,’ I said. And with that, he unleashed his men. Eventually, information started to trickle in.

The man who had been here had black hair.

He seemed to be a very broad-minded person.

And his speech was quite odd.

Such was the information I heard.

I then looked at Eve.

She nodded.

“Yes, it does sound like the man that I met. His face was hidden, but he had long black hair. And his manner of speech was different.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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