Realist Demon King – 99


“In what way?”

“His voice was rather high in pitch. And he ended his words with ‘-zeyo.’”

“-Zeyo? That is quite odd.”

I agreed.

“…Hmm, interesting.”

I had studied the country of Japan thoroughly during my research.

It had an era known as Bakumatsu and people known as Tosa spoke like that during this time.

“Could it…no…”

It couldn’t be.

Surely it was too soon to encounter yet another Hero.

But then again, I did feel that I had better luck than most.

Still, I had likely used up much of it during the last battle.

I did not like to have to depend on luck.

Regardless, I told Fuma Kotaro to continue his investigation.

Shortly after, some very important information came in.

The merchant who had sold the beans was currently in a place that was north of Ashtaroth town.


“In the old Sabnac castle.”

Kotaro said without expression.

“But that castle was demolished. Surely no one lives there now.”

“And yet someone does.”

“And what business would a merchant have in such a place?”

“Who knows? I am not a merchant.”

That’s all he said. Then he disappeared.

It was as if he was saying that there was no need for him to be there now that all of the information had been provided.

He was a cold and rational man.

Or woman?

Fuma Kotaro had been in the form of a maid, and so it was hard to tell.

These Heroes were always hard to understand.

Regardless, I decided to head to Sabnac’s castle.

Of course, once I mentioned this, there was no end to the number of commanders and generals who said they wanted to come with me.

Eve saw this and put a hand to her mouth as she chuckled.

“You really are popular, Master.”

She said of the situation.

“It is a good thing. However, it makes choosing personnel very tiresome.”

“Then why don’t you have another duel?”

“We can’t do that every time. No, I will have to make the decision myself. For now, Jeanne will definitely accompany me.”

“You do like the Saint.”

She said mildly. But her eyes weren’t smiling.

And so I added that she would come too. This time, she smiled like a spring flower.

“I chose Jeanne by process of elimination. If the merchant is who I think he is, the others would be a bad fit.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think this man may be a Hero. The way he talks is too unique. If he comes from the same place and era as Toshizou, it is possible that they were enemies. I don’t want a fight.”

“I see. So that’s why Hijikata is staying.”

“And so I have no choice but to bring Jeanne with me.”

After that, I had Eve announce the members who would be accompanying me.

When it was revealed that only Jeanne and Eve would go, I assumed the others would be horribly disappointed, but that was not the case.

Especially Toshizou. Apparently, there was a girl in a brothel that he was quite fond of. And he had become preoccupied.

Well, he certainly was an active one. I told him that changing where he directs his affections too often would only result in making enemies. But he replied calmly.

“There is a flower for spring, summer, autumn, and winter.”

I suppose so.

And I could only hope he wouldn’t be stabbed one day.

He was too valuable for that.

However, I kept such feelings to myself, and instead, prepared for our journey.

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