Cave King – 87

Chapter 87 – I knew it!!!


Mappa was standing at the entrance with his feet planted wide apart and his hands on his hips.

The sluggish, gray slimes were clearly rattled at the sight of Mappa.

Their bodies shook, and they gestured to each other as if in communication… Some looked so scared that they tried to hide.


Perhaps these bones once belonged to one of these slimes.

Ever since I dug them up, the slime who held the pickaxe had just stood there in shock.

They had not expected to find bones.

But judging by their shape, these bones belonged to the dwarves from legend.

As for Mappa, who now stood in front of us, we also believed him to be a dwarf.

In that case, these slimes may have once been dwarves…and possibly even Mappa’s friends.

Mappa took in the scene before him.

The gray slimes shivered as they watched.

Out of all the bones near the cave’s entrance, the only ones that looked dwarven were Mappa’s.

…Before it was swallowed up by the sea, that cave would have been at the top of a mountain.

And yet he was there alone… What if Mappa… What if he was remarkable even among the dwarves?

Then the slime with the pickaxe turned to Shiel and started gesturing to her.

And then Shiel began to use the substances of her own body to write letters on the ground.

“These is…Barleon letters.”

Shiel had been learning from Baris. And recently, she was able to write letters like this in order to express her will.

And so I read the letters that she wrote.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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