Cave King – 87


They read:

‘…Who the hell is this child? And why is he naked!? What happened to the lofty pride of we dwarves? Stop this shamefulness! While he is still young, what were his parents thinking! …That’s what they said.’

Apparently, the slimes were mortified by Mappa’s appearance.

I had assumed that their reaction was because they thought he was crazy or dangerous. But apparently, it was from overwhelming embarrassment.

Fule then said to me,

“I knew it! There is something strange about Mappa!”

Taran raised a hand in agreement.

Now the gray slimes were hopping around as if they were scolding Mappa.

Mappa was now scratching his head and looked a little flustered.

“…Oh, so dwarves don’t actually prefer to walk around without clothes…”

While I was a little relieved, there was something that bothered me as well.

“…Child? Did they say that Mappa is a child?”

Upon hearing these words, Shiel started gesturing to the gray slime.

The gray slime hopped a few times in reply. Shiel began to write on the ground again.

It was a number…seven.

“He’s…seven? It’s been seven years since he was born?”

Shiel nodded.

“Are you sure? Are the years as long as ours…and he’s lived for seven of them?”

Shiel nodded eagerly. Then Mappa put his hands on his hips boastfully.

I looked at Fule and Taran.

Then I looked at Mappa and we shouted.



This revelation was about as shocking as when I learned that Leviathans really existed in this world.

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  1. Full beard, Knows how to refine mithril, build a forge from scratch and even create steam engines.
    He’s seven.

    • Let’s not forget the planning and engineering of the train system, the piping for the water, and of course… the cultured side of Mappa.

  2. Well I guess that’s confirmation that Mappa is a pervert. Even a seven year old knows they should wear clothes yet Mappa doesn’t.

  3. Seven (dwarven)years, and already a(n alleged) pervert. I don’t think I can be surprised more than this… but previous experiences proved the otherwise.

  4. Yeah, that’s the improving plot twist. Not only is Mappa capable of anything you would expect from a dwarf (well, at least the general stuff), also an alcohol maniac and a pervert, he’s still a kid… this fantasy world has some VERY SPECIAL dwarfs.
    Got to love how the story hit a tragic point, but made us laugh at the same time.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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