Cave King – 88

Chapter 88 – Dwarves will be Dwarves!!


“I see. So that’s why they’re a different color from Shiel and the others.”

Rienna muttered as she saw the gray slimes come out to the surface.

There were about 200 in all.

But in spite of them coming outside for the first time in years, they did not react much.

Eating so many rocks had made their bodies hard, but they also looked a little depressed.

Rienna noticed this immediately, and her face darkened.

“…Their original bodies are gone. It must be such a shock…”

According to Shiel, they were one of the dwarven races of the Veluar Empire, which had fallen when the meteors fell.

Like Shiel and the others, their souls were transferred to slimes, and their bodies preserved…

But it seemed like the place their bodies had been stored was destroyed by the meteors as well. When we dug around the area, we found them. Mountains of bones.

And they all had large skulls…it was clear that they belonged to dwarves.

That was the reason that these ash-colored slimes looked so sad.

While we had only discovered dwarven bones, this was not a good sign. Who knew what had happened to the places where the other bodies were kept?

The other slimes looked a little worried.

In any case, we wouldn’t know until we found the control device…

The gray slimes stopped and waited right near the entrance to the cave.

Shiel was twisting her body and trying to tell them something. But there was no reaction.

That’s how big their shock was.

Shiel looked frantic and troubled.

As all the other slimes were helping with transporting, she had asked these slimes as well. But it did not seem likely that they would help…

Of course, it was not easy to accept that your body had died.

“I think we should just leave them alone for a while… Huh?”

Mappa suddenly came walking towards the group of slimes.

Behind him, he was dragging a bag that was the same size as him.

“What is that?”

The slimes had previously recoiled in horror at the sight of Mappa, but they showed no signs of seeing him now.

The half-naked old man…only he was really seven. But they didn’t care about him now.

Mappa was seven… It was a great shock to us, to be honest.

He was broad, muscular and had a big beard. To humans, Mappa just looked like an old man.

However, now that I thought about it, his skin had always been oddly void of wrinkles.

Even Ashton had said that his butt wasn’t that of an old man…but enough about that.

Besides, he always seemed restless, and would put random things in his mouth. If he was a child, then it would explain some of his behaviour.

But the main reason that he seemed like an old man to me…

He had a bold personality and was always reliable.

Mappa stood in front of them and emptied the bag. A mountain of hammers fell heavily to the ground.

It was so sudden. And the slimes just glared at Mappa.

“Mappa…what are you doing?”

Mappa didn’t say anything. He just turned his back to them and returned to the smithy.

Immediately, we could hear the echo of his hammer hitting metal.

Rienna muttered.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. > Even Ashton had said that his butt wasn’t that of an old man…but enough about that


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