Cave King – 97

Chapter 97 – Enlisted!!


“Wh-what the hell? Why so suddenly?”

It was hard to believe how quiet the Chimera was now. And the Advisor’s words just made me more confused.

“It’s like a cat…”

Fule said. But this creature wasn’t half as cute as a cat.

If anything, seeing it shrink back like this in spite of its vicious appearance made it look even more eerie.

It was then that Mappa tore off a strip of cloth from his waist cloth and began waving it in front of the Chimera like a toy.

Fule admonished him.

“Hey, old man! You shouldn’t provoke it! Ah…”

However, Fule’s fears did not come true.

The Chimera raised a paw that had long, sharp claws, and gently tried to touch the cloth.

But Mappa kept moving it away so that it would not be able to catch it.

It really was acting like a cat… But if he teased it too much, it might suddenly go wild again…

“…In any case, it seems that I can tame it. So I should hurry up and have it join us.”

Once it was tamed, it would not be able to attack us anymore.

There was no guarantee that it would remain in this state, so this might be our only chance.

But more than anything, I needed to save Aries, who had been swallowed up by the snake.

If I tamed it, I might be able to make it spit her out.

“…I will tame it. And its name will be Mike(Mi-ke).”

I remembered a monster from an old story called a Mikeneko. That’s where I got the name.

<<Naming Complete. You have tamed Mike.>>

“Good…alright, Mike. Can you release Aries?”

Mike lowered its head as if bowing, and then vomited something all over the ground.


Fule and Taran looked away in disgust.

But inside of the clear liquid, was a red octopus…Aries.

She seemed quite stunned, and so I poured water over her with magic.

“…Ah! I-I was able to get out…”

Her face looked alive again, and she neatly washed the slime off of her.

And then she crawled over to me and bowed her head.

“My liege, I thank you.”

“…No, thank you.”

I said. And Aries asked me a little bashfully.

“Di-did my plan please you then…?”

“…Plan? In other words, it was you that made the Chimera docile?”

“Indeed! It was my secret poison that allowed me to control it!”


“Yes! I am very good at controlling others!”

And then Aries spat out some ink.

Mappa, Fule, and Taran took a frantic step back. But Aries looked quite smug.

“With this poison, the Chimera joined our ranks! …Though, I did not expect to be swallowed… No, actually, it was all according to my plan!”

That was some amazing poison… I had heard of magic and monsters that were able to control other people before, but had never seen it done on the continent.

Besides, Chimera were known to be especially dangerous.

They were capable of stopping magic attacks and could spit out poison.

And yet, she had used her own poison to control it…

“I see… So that’s what had happened.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. Mappa swinging Aries by a leg and her smacking the chimera in the face is such a funny thing to visualize lol thank you

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