Cave King – 186

Chapter 186 – Overwhelming!!

“—Hell Explosion.”

I pointed both hands at the swarm of squirming Lance Bees and chanted. Quietly, and without using too much power.

The Mado Armor followed my movements and unleashed a red light.

The light turned into a sphere and drew an arc in the sky as it seemed to get sucked into the cloud of bees.

“Huh? Was it a dud?”

Fule muttered as she stood to my left.
On my right, Rienna also tilted her head as if puzzled.

“But the size of the light looked the same as Hell Explosion.”

As Rienna said, the size of the light and the amount of energy used was not that different from when I used it normally.

I had assumed that the Mado Armor would have enhanced it. But perhaps it didn’t work well with Hell Explosion. It was already quite a powerful spell anyway.

…That being said, it should have exploded already.

As I wondered about such things, from the depths of the place that the light was sucked into, I sensed an immense expansion of magic.

“…!? Both of you. Hold on!”

I said, and then immediately cast Shield in front of us.

The magic energy of the Lance Bees had already been incredibly dense, and now a new magic energy had appeared and was pushing it away as it spread.

Rienna and Fule also sensed the change, and so both of them grabbed onto my arms and helped me gather magic energy towards the armor.

“The light…ah…”

Fule’s eyes were glued on the scene in front of us.

For a second, I saw red light leak out from amidst the swarm, and then in the blink of an eye, it covered all of them.

It was so bright that I had to close my eyes. And then I felt the energy rushing towards us at an incredible speed.
As I kept Shield up in order to keep it from going towards Sheorl, we were hit by explosive winds causing a great shock, and there was also an explosive sound that was greater than anything that I had ever heard.

“Tsk! What power!”

I had underestimated the force of Hell Explosion when being unleashed by a Mado Armor.
While it had looked the same at first, that light must have had an immense amount of energy within it.

Not only that, but the energy of the Lance Bees must have been affected as well, as volcanic explosions were erupting all over the place.

And there were no signs of them stopping. Just how many Lance Bees were there?

“Lord Heal! Are you alright!?”
“Fight! Lord Heal!”

Rienna and Fule had been sending me magic energy as if to support me from behind. No, they literally were holding my arms and supporting me.

The tight black suits that they were wearing had been designed to allow you to move the Mado Armor efficiently.

The designs were very stripped down, and the fabric was thin.

And so I could feel the warmth of their skin. And the softness of their…

In any case, thanks to their help, we had been able to stop the blast from getting past us.

After some time had passed, I could see that black tentacles were being smashed against the Shield.

Upon seeing the ominous miasma ooze out from them, Fule muttered, ‘they are quite gross.’

However, they seemed to be already dead. And as the tentacles turned into black miasma, they dispersed into the air.

Rienna muttered.

“Lord Heal…so these tentacles…”
“There’s no doubt about it. They are the same ones that were on Garuda.”

After seeing them close up, I had been able to confirm that they were the exact same shape as the tentacle we had captured before.

Not only that, but the miasma was the same as the miasma in Arancia.

So did that mean it was related to the black sky that covered Arancia?

In reality, Arancia was a continent that was very far away from here.

But if these dark skies and tentacles were approaching other continents as well—the prophecy about the end of the world might just come true.

It felt like the danger was really approaching us now. The Barleon continent that I was born on might be in danger.

…Perhaps I should warn my father and the other countries. My father, the king of Sanfaris, had been especially concerned about the prophecy, and so he was likely to take what I had to say seriously.

After a while, the explosions finally stopped.

I assumed that the surface of the sea would be covered in Lance Bees, but it seemed like little of them remained after the explosions. There were great waves, and I could feel some movement of energy, but other than that, things were back to normal.

I let out a sigh of relief, and tried to wipe the sweat off my forehead with a handkerchief.

However, that’s when I realized that both of my arms were being clasped tightly. My arms were being crushed between Rienna and Fule’s chest.

I frantically raised my voice.

“Th-thank you! I’m fine now!”
“Huh? Oh, yes!”

Rienna’s face grew red as if she just remembered something, and she pulled away.
Fule observed this and grinned. Then she moved away slowly.

“Ahh, at first I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I think I know how to use the Mado Armors now. Still, it’s quite amazing. I was impressed back when I saw the normal Hell Explosion, but when unleashed with this armor… I thought that the world was about to end.”

As Fule said, Hell Explosion through the Mado Armor had been on a different level. There was a light that covered the sky all the way up to the horizon.

Mado Armor…it really was an incredible weapon. I would have to be careful that we didn’t use them in the wrong way.

“Hey, Chief! Are you alright!?”

I could hear Erevan’s loud voice from behind.

When I turned around, I saw that several Mado Armors were flying towards us.

The armor in the middle looked strong and muscular. It had been modeled after Erevan. In other words, Erevan was riding on it.

According to Mappa, he had made it so that your voice could be heard from outside of the Mado Armor. So we could communicate.

And so I spoke in order to reply to Erevan.

“We’re fine, Erevan! How is the island?”
“As of now, there’s no problem at all! Sir Baris is currently taking watch on the ground. However, that magic just earlier…”
“Aye, I was surprised as well. But the number of Lance Bees surprised me even more… All of you, stay watchful of the area for now. I’m going to go and circle the island as well.”
“Aye! Alright, we’ll guard the island with the Mado Armors as part of our training!”

And so for a while after that, we watched the area surrounding the island.

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  1. One epic explosion of fission proportions (or antimatter level), and some lucky sukebe moments for Heal.
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