Cave King – 9

Chapter 9 – A powerful rival appears!


“Ohh! That’s great!”


I raised the new pickaxe as we stood by the shore.

And then Baris bowed.


“Thank you for your kind words, Lord Heal.”


Baris and Erevan had worked together to make this pickaxe.

Baris had given him the instructions, and Erevan had done the rest.


“However, this is the limit of my knowledge… It really does not hold a candle to the quality of the original pickaxes.”

“No, no. Just the fact that you were able to make iron in a place like this is amazing.”


I looked at the blast furnace and other equipment.


I myself had no knowledge of smithing.

However, I could tell that what Baris had made was not at the same level as what humans used.


Goblins lived in tribes.

And so their weapons were mainly used for hunting. There were even tribes that still used stone weapons.

Only the wealthier tribes were able to make iron.


And the Berdan tribe was supposed to have been on the smaller side.

However, it seemed like they had made some iron.


Baris used this knowledge and taught me how to make iron and what facilities were necessary.

And so I made them by just stacking up some Stone Blocks.


Still, if only I had been smarter…

But then again, I had no way to know that knowledge of smithing would be useful to me one day.


You could say that this island lacked people with professional skills.


“You two did very well. I only wish that I could have helped you…”

“Surely not! We cannot allow you to be troubled by anything other than digging!”


Erevan said as he thumped his chest.


I was very grateful.


It was the most efficient for me to do the digging.


And there was only one reason that efficiency was so important to us. And that was to extend Rienna’s short life.

We had to gather a lot of Turtle Stones for that.


At this point, her life had been extended for 5 years.

However, Rienna was still 15 years old…

As goblins and humans have a similar lifespan, we needed to extend it much farther.


The pickaxes that I had given to Erevan and Baris were starting to break.

Mine was still fine. But we had no more spares.

And so it was necessary to make new pickaxes.


And then there were the Cave Spiders that I had befriended 3 days ago.

With Taran in the lead, they were currently using a small patch of land to uh…dump their dirt into.

It was to make a small farm.


Aside from that, we were also gathering webs from the spiders. This was to make string.

According to Rienna, the webs were very durable, and you could use them as string without changing the thickness and length.


She was currently using them to make a fishing net.


As for fishing, I could just do that with thunder magic.

However, the goblins were intent on being able to survive without relying on my help.

They seemed to really want me to focus on mining.


And well, it was probably the right choice…


“Alright, I’m going to return to the cave then. …Those ‘stones’ look like they may be useful.”

“Yes! Once we’ve made enough, we’ll go down there and join you!”

“I see. I’ll be waiting then.”


I said. And then I returned to the cave.

As I started to walk down the stairs, Shiel appeared in front of me.


Shiel was on the smooth side and was in the shape of a boat.


“Ah, Shiel. Thank you.”


And then Shiel extended a part of its body and waved it like a hand.


Don’t mention it. I think…?

Shiel had likely been observing my interactions with the goblins and was copying us.


“Alright, take me there then!”


I got into the boat and held on.


And then, we slid down the slope at a tremendous speed.

It really was in a flash. Before I knew it, we had arrived at the cave where I had discovered Taran.


“Phew. Thanks. That sure was fast. …Maybe a little too scary.”


I patted Shiel on the head and went inside of the cave.


So, about half was left now.


I was looking at the orange-colored stones that remained in the cavern.

These past 3 days, I’ve been coming down here between the normal mining work, and mining these stones.


As for these stones…


<<Sun Stones…Using them encourages the growth of living creatures.>>


Living creatures included humans, animals, and plants.


It was likely because these stones that the Cave Spiders were larger here than on the continent.


But I had no idea if growing larger would affect your lifespan.

And so I was too scared to use it on any of my friends.


However, they should be incredibly useful for growing crops.

I didn’t know how much it would change, but I intended to test it out by planting apple seeds once the farm was finished.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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