Cave King – 8

Chapter 8 – A new feature was added!!


These words from the Advisor were quite puzzling.


Ra-rank 2?


<<As you are now Rank 2, a new feature has been added.>>


In any case, it seemed that there was more that I could do with Cave King now.

As for this new feature…


<<The Workshop feature has been added. You can process and combine the mined materials in your Inventory.>>


Really!? Does that mean I can make iron from Iron Ore?


If I could do that…

I could make large pickaxes…

Or invent lighter ones…

Or create ones with cooler designs.


<<Iron Ore to iron…recognized as Ironmaking. Your Workshop rank is too low for Ironmaking.>>


What… Then what could I do?


As my shoulders slumped, the Advisor continued.


<<…A list of all the currently processable and combinable items will be displayed.>>


And then the list appeared in my head.


◇ Workshop Items


    Stone Block


    Marble Block


Huh? That’s it?


I was pretty shocked, but upon hearing more about it, I realized that there was a lot to it.


Creating Stone Blocks depleted the mined Rocks.


When doing this, you could choose your preferred size and shape.


Normally, Rock x 1 in my Inventory equaled 1kg of Stone Block.

But now I could combine them to make a larger 2kg Stone Block.

The shape could be anything from a square to a rectangle or even a sphere or cylinder.


You could even create more complicated shapes in your mind.

In other words, I could make statues or fancy pillars.


That being said, I had no talent for design, so that wasn’t likely to happen…


Well, that wasn’t important.

Now I didn’t have to pile up randomly sized rocks when trying to build something.


The Marble Blocks could also be used freely to make what you want.


Furthermore, sand could also be made with the rocks.

Apparently, you could also use Limestone and Iron to change its color and texture.


And you could combine Rock and Sand to make Gravel.


Stone Blocks and Sand? At first, I had thought that it was all very boring.

However, depending on how I used them, I could increase the size of the island.


In the first place, the fact that I could do it all quickly by myself was a huge advantage.

Making Stone Blocks was hard enough, but creating an entire pillar would take forever.


And the Advisor explained one other new feature.


<<The Design Cut feature has also been added. You can now create any desired shape when you are mining.>>


Currently, when I mined an area, the walls were jagged and rough.

However, with this new feature, I could make smooth walls and floors.

Of course, I could probably make inclines and stairs as well.


In other words, I could clean up this island, which was so difficult to walk around on…


<<Currently, Cave King’s features and effects can only be activated within the cave. But the Workshop feature and Inventory can be used outside.>>


I see… Well, that should be enough.

I can just scatter sand everywhere and make the ground smooth.


In any case, I had new abilities now.

So I might as well try and reform the island a little.


…Oh, I almost most forgot about these guys.


The monster spiders I had just tamed were staring quietly at me.


“Ah, sorry-sorry. My name is Heal. I’ll be going back to the surface now. But you’re welcome to come with me. I’ll introduce you to the others.”


Well, of course, they wouldn’t understand…


But I suppose they would come up if they ever got curious.


The taming skill prevented the monsters from hurting the tamer.

Furthermore, tamed monsters could not hurt each other.

As for whether or not they had to obey the tamer, that was up to their relationship. But these first two points were enforced by the skill.


And so it would not be possible for the spiders to attack the goblins or slimes.


In fact, Shiel was currently climbing onto Taran’s head and playing on top of it.

As for the spider, it just lightly poked Shiel’s soft body with its long legs.

Regardless of the taming skill, the two creatures seemed to be interested in each other.


I walked back down the path I had come.

I hadn’t meant to mine too long, to begin with. And since I had apparently ranked up, it seemed like a good time to stop.


But when I turned to look back into the cave, I saw that the spiders were starting to follow me.

So, I suppose they were coming after all.


However, this passage…

While the small ones could fit through, the parent would have a hard time.


“Uh… Wait a second.”


And so I decided to try and test the new cutting feature.


I used the pickaxe to lower the incline a little and widen the path as we climbed up.

As I did this, I cut the center into stairs and made the sides a gentle slope.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. My slow ass brain finally connected the dots and was like hmmm shining stones…..hmm sounds familiar…….glow stones?

    I mean i know how popular minecraft is getting but dayum xD to see a light novel based on it is interesting

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