Jack of all Trades – 270

The Approaching Danger


The head loomed quite high once it appeared from the shadows of the forest. It was much taller than us humans for sure. While I couldn’t make out many details yet, there seemed to be blood on the blade of the axe. Was the blood from a human or monster…?


“I don’t think it’s seen us yet.”

“It is only a matter of time.”


Daniela said as she held her bow and stared at the Minotaur. Yes, it hadn’t seen us yet. I wasn’t sure how much speed that giant thing had in it, but we probably had some time.


“Hmm. I’m going to change weapon.”



And I knew just the thing. I ran back to the tent and thrust my arm through the flap. I always kept the hollow bag right by the entrance. Then I put my hand in and pulled out a sword with a pitch-black hilt.




I attached it to my belt and then put the demon armor sword into the bag.


“Kept you waiting, huh?”

“Why do you do that voice…”

“Asagi, you’ve been doing that here as well?”


My low voice echoed as I returned to the other three and unsheathed my sword. The Black Emperor’s sword. Velnoir… A gift from the current Emperor.


“That’s a very dark sword, Mister Asagi.”

“It’s supposed to be. It was my prize for being the first runner up in the tournament.”

“Oh! That is great. A gift from the Emperor!”

“Exactly. As for Daniela, she got that bracelet thing she’s wearing.”

“And this cape.”


Without even moving, the cape came out of Daniela’s bracelet and was draped over her shoulders. I had to actually put my hand in the hollow bag, but it wasn’t the case with the bracelet. Who knew how the thing worked. But I was still jealous. Maybe I would beg Rachel to make me one as well.


“I saw it earlier today. It really is a beautiful cape…”

“Yes, isn’t it?”

“Yours is not bad either, Mister Asagi.”

“Should you two really be talking about that now?”


Manager’s voice was so serious that we immediately straightened our backs. Yes. Yes. There was a Minotaur.

I squatted near Manager and observed our enemy. It was odd. The way it was slowly taking in its surroundings made it seem like it had never seen the outside world before. In fact, it had not taken a step forward since exiting the forest.


“In case you were wondering… No, Minotaurs do not live in the forest.”



Daniela seemed to have read my mind. …So, did that mean…


“But they are very common in dungeons.”

“Are you serious…”



The dungeon had likely completely inverted then. The Minotaur had probably escaped. It wasn’t likely that there would be many people guarding the place… 


“We really need to hurry…”


Lemon said as she clenched her spear tightly. It had mostly been my negativity and paranoia at first, but now it seemed like a reality. We had to kill this thing and hurry on to the town.


“Then let us begin. Asagi, you ambush it from above and destroy its weapon. Rindo, you distract it with sword and magic.”



“I will support you from the back. Lemon, you finish it off with your spear. You can do that, I presume?”

“I can!”


Obeying Commander Daniela’s orders, I surrounded my legs in platinum and green wind. Manager covered her own body in black energy, while Lemon prepared to run.


“Then let’s go.”


I used Legs of the God Wolf and jumped into the air. I felt the sensation of the wind pushing me up until I was high enough to see the sun creeping up on the horizon. Below me, Manager and Lemon had started to dash forward. As soon as I saw this, I shot down towards my target like a bullet from the sky.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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