Jack of all Trades – 120

The Report


We were able to find the cave rather easily, thanks to the brute force method of pushing away the mist and slaughtering the goblins in front of us. The entrance was hidden between two boulders and would have probably evaded my eye if I was alone.


“This is most likely the tunnel that will connect to the orc settlement. Please take a look here.”


I looked to where Angelica was pointing. There were several layers of footprints that went in and that went out. It was proof that this path had been used repeatedly.


“Alright. This means that we have found what we were looking for!”


I nod at this declaration by Lauria. We accomplished that goal. Once I knew the place, I just needed to make an emergency report to the base and then go and search for Ness and the others. Blocking this entrance may hinder their operations a little, but it wouldn’t mean too much since they had hole moles. They would just dig through it again.

There were better things to spend your time doing.


“Let’s return with haste. I’ll bring you all back to the surface in the same way we descended. Stay on the alert while you wait.”

“I will be last then. Please take the others.”


Angelica said as she inspected the cave. Alright, first was Lauria.


“Here we go.”

“Ah, ahh, of course…!”


She became red again as she clutched onto me tightly. If I were Matsumoto, I would be bounding down the harem path right about now…

This time, Olive and Oregano were much calmer. If anything, their unimpressed faces seemed to say, ‘is that as fast as you can go?’ They got familiar with it quick… Perhaps it was a quality of Adventurers?


“Angelica. You’re up now.”

“Yes, thank you!”


I picked her up and kicked the air while I asked,


“What were you doing in the cave?”

“Hehe. I left some gunpowder. One trip over the wire I placed there and the place will go boom! Indeed!”

“Are you serious…”


This noblewoman was not to be messed with. A good reminder.


“You should all return together from here. I’ll tell Virgil everything.”

“Are you going on ahead, Asagi?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry, but we have to part ways here. Sorry, Lauria.”

“Wh-why are you apologizing to me!?”


There was merit in teasing her because of such visible reactions. She was like a cheeky younger sister. I was an only child, so it was certainly new… I hope she comes back safely.


“Alright, I’m off!”


I said, and then dashed forward with the power of silver and green wind. I could run here, as I was not yet in the forest, but I would have to move to the sky once the trees grew thick. If the orcs were prepared to ambush me, it wouldn’t matter if I was running in the forest or above it. In that case, it was best to take the fastest route.


While I ran along the valley rim, I found something. Well, no. I had known about it all along.

It was a log. I had seen it when we were making our way towards the end of the valley. At first, I had thought that it was something that people who lived around here were using, and paid it no attention. However, I saw things differently now. This log could be used as a bridge for the orcs…they could easily cross to the Replant side. And since this place was out of the way, there was less chance of them being seen.


“It may not buy us any time, but…!”


I didn’t want to leave it now that the thought came to me. If it turned out that we needed it later, I would just have to come back with a different log.

And so I unleashed a Legs of the Forest Wolf reinforced kick into the log. The log split cleanly into half and tumbled down into the valley. There was no saying that the orcs wouldn’t prepare another one quickly, but when can hope… Alright, I can’t waste any more time on detours. I have to return to the camp as soon as possible.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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