Jack of all Trades – 166

Wind Dragon Dismembered


Daniela and I visited the guild on the next day. The parts were to be examined and then sold.

Once again, I found myself lining up at the Conversion counter. There were a few people glancing nervously at me, but I didn’t mind as long as we were left alone. I just wanted to live in peace.


“This guild seems awfully quiet…”

“Hm? Yeah. Probably because it’s early morning?”


Daniela muttered that the morning was usually the loudest. Well, maybe it depended on the guild?


“You can come forward now.”

“Thank you.”


The Adventurer in front of us was finished, and so we moved up to the counter. It was the same person who was here yesterday.


“Good morning, Mister Asagi.”

“Good morning. …Umm…”

“I am Seine. You may call me that from now on.”

“Yes, thank you. This is Daniela.”

“A pleasure.”

“It’s nice to meet you. As for the dragon you brought in yesterday, the work has been completed. If you could just come with me and confirm that everything is right.”


It sure felt good when things go smoothly… And so we followed Seine to the place where the dragon had been dismembered.


The door opened and we stepped out into the wide area. This place was used for butchering large monsters. The usual places wouldn’t be able to handle anything larger than an orc. So, about two meters. If I remember correctly, Mordred was at least two and a half. So anything bigger than that was in the heavy class. Lesser wyverns were about four meters. That is, in wingspan. From head to tail they are about six meters. Half of their length is tail.


In any case, wind dragons were heavy. Ten meters in wingspan. And about ten meters long as well. The tail alone was six meters, which made the body seem a little small. But they say that that’s what made wind dragons distinct. But I’ve never seen a normal dragon, so I had to take their word for it. I guess they were especially great at flying? The long, lithe tail looked like it would be conducive for flight.


“Actually, the water dragons have the longest tails. The tail makes up as much as eighty percent of their bodies.”


Said Master Daniela. 

I see.


Well, we had a wind dragon on our hands now, so we might as well look at it.


I had killed it by taking its head off. And according to the good folks who took it apart, it was in excellent condition, without much outside damage. I guess they wouldn’t have been too impressed had I brought in something that was battered and falling apart.

Cutting through the bones of the neck had also allowed it to bleed, which helped keep the flesh and organs in good condition. They were especially pleased that I had stored it in the hollow bag to prevent it from rotting. This had ensured that its condition was identical to when I had just killed it, and they said that it almost felt like it was still alive.


It had taken many guild workers to remove the scales and skin. When I heard about how much effort they had put into removing everything from the neck to the tail, I felt nothing but the utmost respect for their hard work.

The membrane of the wings were used as a luxury material for clothes and shoes. Fangs and claws became accessories or weapons. Or even used to decorate armor. Parts of the tail were somehow used as medicine…

Speaking of medicine, that’s what the organs were often used for, as well as a medium for magic tools. Eyes, heart and liver were also medicine. The organ that allowed the dragon to do its breathing attack was used as a weapon. Something like a gun… But if it was anything like the breath that I saw, it would practically be a laser rifle.


There were many parts and many uses. Too many to remember them all. Even the bones were used. Nothing was wasted.

Though, we would only be taking a small portion of it with us. Just enough for Daniela’s clothes and armor. Also…a matching pair of accessories. Heh. Dragon claw necklaces. Daniela’s fear of dragons was starting to weaken, so the timing was good. I think…


“Now, Mister Asagi. Here it is. What do you think?”

“I’m a complete novice. So…I don’t really know.”

“I doubt a novice would go around hunting dragons…”


That may be, but really, the only observation I could offer was, ‘uh, nicely dismembered.’ But that made me sound like a psychopath.


“Asagi may not be able to appreciate your good work, but I am very impressed. You have done a most excellent job with the dragon.”

“So you understand, Miss Daniela.”


They started to nod at each other knowingly. I was nothing but an outsider now…


“Alright, we will be taking just enough of these materials for some clothes and armor. The rest will be sold. I am sure they will do well in the market.”

“Certainly. I will make the preparations. I suppose you will be needing some scales, hide, wing membrane and several claws and fangs then.”

“Yes, that is right.”

“I will have them collected at once.”


Seine was quick to shout out the instructions to the workers.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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