Jack of all Trades – 211

Intelligence Agents and an Unexpected Encounter


I tried using Presence Detection to see if anyone was hiding, but of course, it was not so simple. Still, I tried narrowing it down and raising the accuracy. That was when I detected something strange. It was behind me to the left. But it was blocked by the wall of a building, so… It was above then.




I tried addressing the intelligence folks. According to Presence detection, there had been no movement yet.


“Uh, intelligence…”

“Don’t move.”



Someone had suddenly appeared behind me. I didn’t move. I could feel something sharp poking me through my clothes.


“I was told to monitor you. However, I was not given permission to make contact.”

“Then why?”

“Because you instigated it.”


I felt the sharp object retract from my clothes and so I slowly turned around. The person hid their face with a mask. A woman? She was about my own height and dressed in black. Only her mouth was exposed, and they were plump and pretty lips indeed. Of course, the person could also be an abnormally pretty man, but I prefered the scenario where I maintained my sanity a little.


Just then, I noticed that several other figures had appeared behind me. I was surrounded…


“…So, what do you want?”

“The thing is, I was told by one of your men in Usk, that I was to depend on him if I ever needed help in the imperial capital. But I can’t remember his name…”

“It is the man who told us to monitor you. Captain Tames.”

“Ah, that’s what it was! Mister Tames!”


Mister Tames. Tames. So much had happened since then that I had forgotten. But I do remember him saying I ‘might be monitored,’ but it turned out that he was the one to give the order. Was it…so I wouldn’t be too alert?


“What do you want with the captain?”

“Right. I want to meet him. Today.”

“That won’t be easy. Is it urgent?”


It’s the biggest emergency!


“We’re having trouble finding an inn. Please help us.”

“You… You do realize that we are agents of the Empire…”


She sighed. I didn’t get it. It was their captain that told me to do this.


“However, if that is what the captain said, then we have no choice. We will have to secure you an inn.”

“Thank you. Thank you!”

“Raise your head. Damn it. Why must I…”


She muttered as she produced a paper and pen from her pockets. I suppose she was going to write something… Then I should take out the table.


“Here, you can write on this.”

“Thank you… I’ve seen you use it before a few times. It really is convenient.”

“It’s an important buddy for sure.”


Seen me use it before? Well, at least I hadn’t been doing anything I was ashamed of. But as far as lewd things go, yes, we did those things.

The intelligence agent began to write on the paper and then stamped it. I had no idea what it was…


“Here. Show this to the inn you wish to stay at.”

“What? What is that?”

“It’s a military priority pass.”


A military priority pass? 


“You will be offered services reserved for military personnel.”

“Really? That seems ridiculously convenient!”

“Aye, that’s exactly how I would describe it.”


While I could only see her face, the smile was about as smug as could be.


“But, won’t I get in trouble? I’m just an ordinary Adventurer.”

“The captain’s words and my authority will make up for that. Now, go in peace and enjoy the capital.”

“Uh, thank you.”


I put away the very important piece of paper in my bag. When I looked up again, there was no one in sight. I could not even sense their presence.


“I’ve been underestimating them…this is kind of scary.”


Intelligence agents of the empire… I would have to stay on my guard the next time we came in contact with them.


“Well, at least they were nice enough. I better go and find Daniela now.”


While it was highly unlikely, she may have even found herself an inn. I had to hurry. And so I used Presence Detection to find her.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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