Jack of all Trades – 277

A Short Rest and What Was Beyond The Door


It didn’t take long to set up the two tents. We were used to it by now. The tents faced each other and we started to build a bonfire in between them. There was plenty of firewood in the hollow bag, so that wasn’t a problem. Speaking of not being a problem, the chamber we were in was large and there were passages that meant we should have enough ventilation for a fire.

Then Daniela used earth magic to create a large bathtub and I filled it up with water. Then I made a fire underneath the bath boiler to heat up the water. As we had gotten covered in blood and bug fluids today, the feeling of disgust was overwhelming.


“If only I could use fire magic.”

“Don’t worry, we have magic tools to make up for it.”

“I guess…”


I looked at the swaying flames and the water’s surface and sighed. There was a small spark inside of me as well. I just had to use it properly. But up until now, I’ve only been able to make use of water and ice magic. Quickly switching magic attributes. That was something I was good at, but I’d been relying on ice magic because it was easy to think of specific shapes. If I was able to use water magic as smoothly as Adlus, it would mean I could do so much more during battle. Jack of all Trades, Master of None helped me study it, but it was still hard to visualize it. Even that skill couldn’t allow me to do it if my imagination wasn’t there.


Once the water was ready, I pushed the women to go in first. While they laughed and talked loudly, I prepared our dinner. That being said, it was just the usual soup. I used some tasty dried meat for stock and then added some spices, chopped meat, and leafy vegetables into it. Then I threw away the scum. But it seemed a bit lonely, and so I skewered some blocks of meat and tried to place them near the fire…


“…Oh, I can’t stab them into the ground here.”


We weren’t camping on dirt. We were inside a building. The floor was all stone…




I forced the metal skewer into the cracks. Hmm. It worked, but the skewer had bent a little. It just looked sad… Perhaps I should get steel skewers instead of iron ones next time. In any case, preparations were complete. I just had to wait for the soup to boil and the meat to cook.


“Asagi. You can take your bath now.”

“Ah, right.”


Manager was calling me. In spite of there being a man present, she was completely… I’m just kidding. She came out looking very warm and fully clothed. This wasn’t some light novel.


I got up to my feet and grabbed some clean clothes from the hollow bag and then headed for the bathtub. And unlike the protagonist of such aforementioned novels, I waited outside and called to see if it was fine to come in. Daniela and Lemon’s voices answered me.


“We are still changing. Give us a minute.”

“You don’t need to rush.”

“Hmm…Lemon. You need to hurry up.”

“Ah, hey, wait a minute!”

“You really don’t need to…”


I said to Lemon as well. If this a light novel, Lemon would have become so frantic that she’d fall through the partition, but such things didn’t happen here. I wouldn’t allow it. Regardless, I had my back towards it, just in case, as I stared at the ceiling.


“That’s a high ceiling…”


So, the Reserentrible dungeon was an ancient elven dungeon. We were likely the only ones who knew about it. Perhaps even the people who got to the end and triggered the trap didn’t know. I think, anyway. Perhaps they had other things to worry about. But…who had they been? Were they alright…?


We were quite deep in the dungeon ourselves. If this was a normal disaster, controlling the dungeon core up ahead would put an end to this inversion. The dungeon would go back into the ground. But it was different here. I guessed that the core here was fake and the real one was somewhere deep underground.


The idea of such a deep, deep chamber reminded me of the mines. It had been quite deep, and we had found the mysterious power of the dragon vein. Did the dragon vein flow through here as well…? I wouldn’t be surprised… But it had been so long since I last detected it.


“You can go in now.”

“Sorry, it took so long.”

“Uh, yeah.”


Daniela and Lemon came out looking very steamy. I had mumbled something back, as I had been deep in thought. Daniela looked at me as if to ask if something was wrong, so I shook my head.


While it hadn’t really been long since my last bath, it was incredibly relaxing and I felt I would fall asleep if I wasn’t careful. But then again, those had been fights worthy of praise.


  □   □   □   □


After finishing the simple meal, we all sat around the fire. As there was only one exit, we set the barrier tools there to prevent any intruders from coming in. That meant everyone would be able to get some sleep tonight.


“Hmm. I’m going to bed…”

“Haahhhh…good night…”


Lemon rubbed at her eyes and walked towards her tent. Everyone must be very tired…

Especially Lemon. As a supporter, she had carried the bags and also watched our backs. As I got to my feet, I decided to do something to show my appreciation once we got out. 


“Alright, good night.”

“Aye, good night. Rindo and I will talk a little more before going to bed.”

“Got it. But don’t drink anymore.”

“I know.”

“Good night, Asagi.”

“Yeah, good night.”


I waved at Daniela and Manager and went into our tent. Then I took out my water bottle from the hollow bag and drank a few sips before rolling up in my sleeping bag. It didn’t take long for me to drift off to the land of dreams.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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