Jack of all Trades – 134

Preparing for the Journey


Well, these preparations were much the same as always. Restocking food and equipment. My hollow bag had been filled with orc fangs, which meant I had to reorganize a lot of things later.

Currently, it was filled with the cloth I had recovered from the Adventurers. Of course, I had them wash all of it before returning them. There was also the magic lanterns had gathered from the caves. Now there was no need to fear the dark of night.

However, I had been quite greedy in collecting them and ended up selling the ones we couldn’t carry. So that left about twenty for us. And then there were the four barrier tools that Daniela had. I also had Schwarz Tempest, the ancient elf sword, ancient elf short sword, ancient elf spear, and ancient elf bow.

Lastly, there was the Assault Kobold sword, short sword, boots, and necklace.


To be honest, I wanted to sell the Assault Kobold set, as they had some kind of personal curse in them. But I had a suspicion that the curse wasn’t specific to me. And so I just had to keep them for now.

At least they wouldn’t hurt anyone…

But really, we were really out of traveling items. We needed food, especially.


And so today, Daniela and I went out into the street food district. As always, it was lively and full of delicious smells. The first order of the day was to satiate Daniela’s appetite. Otherwise, she would start eating our food supplies. Because that was what she did.


“Sooo, what should we eat today.”

“Yes, today…meat.”

“You seem to eat nothing else.”


She had recently taken to saying that ‘life’s problems were nothing if you had meat.’ And it was true that once I gave her some, she would listen to almost anything I had to say. I gave her a meaty dinner one night and said, ‘how about being a carnivore tonight as well?’ But she ended up listening to this silly request, and we both woke up very sore the next morning. I’ve been more moderate with my requests since then…but well, that had nothing to do with the present. The point was that she was currently very hungry.


“Old man, I’ll take three of those.”

“Coming right up!”


The old man poured his special sauce on the meat that lay on the grill. The sauce dripped down and sizzled and burned with the most delicious smell. I thought that I could pretty much die right there. I accepted the meat. He gave me one and gave Daniela the other two. I suppose he just knew.



“No, thank you!”

“Ahhh, it’s actually our last day here. We’re leaving the city tomorrow.”

“Oh, that’s too bad…”


He folded his arms and scowled. I suppose he was quite sad about it. We had come here quite often.


“I won’t be making as much anymore…”


“I’m joking!”




“Well, we’ll stop by one last time. I’d like to eat some more of this while on the road.”

“Ah, I’m happy to hear that! Alright, I’ll cook a lot of it for you. And at a discount!”

“Thank you! Well, see you later!”


I waved at him as we left. Daniela had finished her meat while I was talking, and she was already searching for the next place. I hadn’t even gotten started on mine.


“I’ll be eating at the usual park. You go on ahead.”

“Really? I will go and buy some more then.”

“Have fun.”


We separated as I walked over to the park and sat down on a bench in order to enjoy the sizzling meat. I had no idea what kind of sauce it was, but it really was delicious.

As I chewed happily, children started to come to the park. They had also bought food at the stalls and were looking for a place to eat it. On further inspection, it was Penrose’s party.



“Ah, it’s Asagi.”


“Good morning.”


I moved over so they could sit on the bench. They were all children, so we could all sit down. Actually, it was just a little cramped.


“Are you free today, Asagi? We should go goblin hunting together.”


Penrose said as he stuffed a buttered, baked potato down his throat.

Hmm, not today.


“Sorry. I’m actually busy. Uh…we have to prepare, so we can leave the city tomorrow.”


Penrose froze, potato in hand.


“What…Asagi, you’re leaving?”

“Yeah…We’ve been here for a long time, but Daniela and I were originally trying to go to the Empire.”

“I see… Oh, I thought you two were going to stay here.”



I started to feel a little uncomfortable as I scratched my cheek. I didn’t like these farewell things.


“Well, it can’t be helped. I’m sure you have your reasons, Asagi.”


“We’ll miss you.”

“*Munch-munch*…but I feel lucky that we met you.”


Kikka muttered as she picked her teeth with her finished skewer. The other children followed by muttering their own feelings about it…


“Well, that’s what it is. And while I’m not saying this is our last chance, how about a little fight, to help with digestion?”


I suggested, seeing as how Penrose and the others were carrying their weapons. They were probably about to go on a goblin hunt.

The children brightened as they jumped to their feet.


“Yes, yes!”

“I’ll beat you this time, Asagi!”

“Alright, then. Line up over there, you little brats. One at a time!”


They lined up with Penrose in the lead. I held up the sheathed Glampanzer in front of me. I had no other equipment but this sword. My clothes were cheap. The same clothes that Penrose had mocked, in fact.


“Here I come!”

“Bring it on!”


Penrose charged with his long sword. I pointed my sword at his head and waited.


 □   □   □   □


The ground was littered with children. I returned the sword to my belt.


“Well, I best be off. You guys take care. Don’t do anything reckless.”

“Ahh…you…I’ll get you one day…”


Kikka was the only one who replied. The others were all out of breath, though they did have enough energy to wring their fists into the air. I knocked fists with each of them and left the park. Daniela was waiting there, she was carrying two bags full of food.


“It seemed like you were busy, so I finished the shopping.”

“Sorry about that. And thanks.”


I accepted them and put them in the hollow bag. I looked through them quickly and saw that she had thankfully bought a few items that were not meat as well. At the end of the day, that was what I liked about her. She knew what she was doing.


“Let’s go then. I think it’s just perishables now.”

“We can say our goodbyes as we shop.”

“Yeah. There’s Vegun, Veiken, Gardo, Ness, Virgil, Angelica, and her crew… Oh, and your entourage.”

“I met them in the street stall district already. They started to insist that they would come with me…”

“Give me a break… I’m not sure I would survive that. You do know that they’ve been chasing me around? I think they’re trying to kill me in order release you.”

“Yes, it is because of that. I told them very plainly. ‘I have no intention of separating from Asagi, nor will I travel with any who dare hurt him.’ That is what I told them.”

“You’re so gallant.”


We left the street food district and bought some clothes and underwear before checking Gardo’s inn. Unfortunately, Gardo and Ness were out. And so we decided to visit the guild to see if they were there. They saw us from the exchange counter as soon as we arrived, and waved.


“Hey, so you two didn’t go anywhere today?”

“Yeah. We’re making preparations for our departure tomorrow.”

“What? So you’re leaving already?”

“We’ve been here for quite a while. And we were supposed to be headed for the Empire.”


Gardo and Ness looked very disappointed as their shoulders slumped. Last time, I had not been able to say goodbye to them back in Fhiraldo, and so I wanted to do it this time. And while it was nice that I was able to, it was a little sad to see their disappointment.


“Well, you have Daniela with you. So we won’t have to worry.”

“Oh? What does that mean?”

“Daniela, please take care of him.”

“Aye. Do not worry, I will not let anyone else take that role. You two take care.”

“…What the… Goodbye. Though, I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again.”

“I have a feeling we will. But we’ll be staying here for a while, so it won’t be for a long time.”

“Gardo’s really fallen for this place. Well, I like it just fine too. So we won’t be leaving anytime soon.”


It really was a nice city. It was hard leaving. But going around saying your goodbyes made you more determined…it made you really feel that you were indeed going to leave. And once you feel it, you have no choice but to go.

Well, it was now time to go to the next place, and so we left Gardo and Ness. We would surely meet again in the most unexpected place. I somehow knew it.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Why isn’t he using his cheat skill on the kobold equipment? That should give him some idea of using it safely.

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