Jack of all Trades – 134


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Angelica and her team drew a lot of attention. It was a party of very pretty people. You only had to prick up your ears to hear people talking about them.


“Hey, did you see them? That party of beauties?”

“Yeah, and there was a single man mixed in there…how unfair…”


Oh, the rumors were a little different today. A man? I was so curious that I had to ask, and it turned out that this supposed harem party were seen in the weapons district. And so Daniela and I went to look for them, and we soon saw Angelica. She seemed to be moving independently from Lauria and the others…and there was the man. It was Virgil.


“Hey, surprised to see you here.”


“What? Is there some problem with me being here? Virgil.”

“No, I didn’t say that…”


But what a strange pairing… Hmm?


“Hey, Virgil.”


“I see you two are walking arm in arm.”

“Oh, this, uh…”

“Didn’t she reject you rather harshly that night?”

“About that…”

“I am very willing to give you an explanation on that matter!”


Angelica stopped her amused chuckling for a moment as she squeezed Virgil’s arm and explained the situation to me.


“The thing is; after some time had passed since that night, Virgil repeated his confession while in a much preferable, sober state. And so I accepted!”

“But, what changed?”

“A confession made through the momentum of drinking? Outrageous! But you see, he did apologize about it during his second attempt, and my heart was quite moved…”


Angelica and Virgil both looked a little red.


“Well, this is news to me.”

“Sorry about that, Asagi. I was a little embarrassed, and wanted to keep it a secret…”

“Well, you’re not exactly the type to brag, Virgil… Uh, congratulations, you two.”

“Thank you, Asagi.”

“Thank you very much.”


They smiled happily. Yes, they looked happy. Something about their presence reminded me of a long-married, mature couple.


“Oh, right. I had something to tell you two.”
“What is it?”

“Uh, it’s goodbye. We’ll be leaving the city tomorrow.”




Now they were reacting in the same way… I repeated the same explanation for the fourth time today and they accepted it somewhat grimly. I wasn’t quite sure why it was up to me to persuade anyone of anything.


“…So that is why I was looking for the old valley team and Virgil. Where are the others?”

“Oh, they are at the armor shop.”

“They should be back soon…oh, there they are.”


Virgil waved over my shoulder. I turned around to see the three of them walking towards us.


“Ah, it’s Asagi. What are you doing here?”

“Well, the thing is…”


Such and such.


“…I see. That’s too bad. But, it’s fine. By the time we meet again, I will have my own alias and become a famous Adventuerer. I would have caught up with you completely!”

“Lauria is persistent.”

“I’m sure she’ll achieve it.”

“So, don’t die until that happens!”


I pat her on the head as she stares at me. She was my number one fan, so I had to treat her well.


“Of course. Don’t do anything crazy, alright?”



That was all she said before turning on her heels and walking away. I thought I saw tears. She was so kind as to be saddened by this separation.


“And goodbye to the rest of you as well.”

“Aye, you too. And Daniela. Let’s meet again some day.”

“Please be safe! Maybe you will hear about Virgil and I getting married next time!”

“Goodbye, Asagi.”

“Goodbye, Daniela.”


We waved and left the scene behind us. They continued to say words of farewell as we walked, and I kept waving my hand.


When all our preparations were finished, we walked back to the inn. On the way, I started to reminisce of the past. It was about when I was a high school student.

After graduating from high school, I had gone on to college. It was stimulating to live so far from my home town. The city was full of charm and I never grew bored of seeing the different people.

That was how I forgot it all. I forgot about the friends I had spent so much time with during high school. They too went to separate colleges, and we contacted each other less and less.

I made new friends at my school who were on the same path as me, and eventually, I stopped talking to my old friends altogether.


But even my new friends were eventually lost to me. They all found jobs, while I continued to fail. That was how our friendships ended. They were busy working during the day, while I had to work a parttime job during the night.


People change with their environment. That’s what I’ve learned through my time up until then. And in the end, I was killed and lost my relationship with my family as well.


But strangely, in this world, my relationships had not changed no matter how much my environment did. I think back to having dinner with Gardo and Ness. That meat really was delicious…

And I think. The truth was, I had not put enough effort to maintain my friendships in the past. I had not been completely sincere in the way I interacted with others. It was all just on the surface.

Perhaps it took coming to this world, where I was close with no one at first, for me to realize this.


A strange twist of fate, perhaps. A once in a lifetime chance. They say a meeting by chance is preordained. Encounters with people should be cherished.


It’s one of the most important tricks to living. That’s the lesson I relearned today.

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Translator: BHh^@$&*h, longest chapters in a while.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter and the quick release.
    Yeah probably this is from the longest chapters, when I finished the first page I thought it was the whole chapter 😄

    And good for Asagi his ‘life’s problems were nothing if he had meat’

  2. It feels like a visual novel where you can kinda see the routes not taken. As any proper isekai protagonist, he does seem to possess the potential for harem.

  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Why do I feel that there’s some truth in the street vendor’s words that he won’t have to cook as much when they leave?

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