Jack of all Trades – 277


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The next morning… Or was it? I wasn’t sure. The sunlight didn’t reach the chamber we were in. Regardless, we had had enough rest, and so we packed up our things and stood in front of the door.


“So…I suppose we go in now.”

“I’m worried there will be a trap as soon as we walk in. How likely is that?”


I asked as Daniela folded her arms.


“It is not impossible. These are ancient elves, after all. Anything can happen.”


Anyone who could make Daniela say that was pretty impressive in my book. But no one would disagree with her in this case. It was hard to even imagine what could happen. These were people who lived during a time of incredibly advanced magic. I wasn’t sure if they quite exceeded the modern world that I came from, but it wasn’t a stretch.


But there was no point in standing here and trying to guess. We had no choice but to open the door. We did talk about escaping should it be necessary, and then we all held our weapons ready.


“I’m opening it now.”


I nodded at Manager. I was quite worried. Lemon and Manager each pushed one side of the double doors. Daniela and I stood ready with our weapons drawn.

While the doors seemed to struggle against them, it was just weight. Lemon and Manager pushed even harder, and the gap began to widen. Light poured through the gap and lit our feet. It rose to our legs and then enveloped our entire bodies. Before long, I was using my free arm to shield my eyes.


“It’s so bright…”


It was like coming out of a long, dark tunnel. Aside from the sounds of the others complaining about the light, the only thing I could hear was the creaking of the door. That stopped eventually. And after what seemed like a long time, my eyes adjusted. I lowered my arm and held my sword up.




I heard Daniela’s voice. I glanced to the side and saw that her eyes had widened with surprise. I returned my gaze up ahead, where Daniela was looking. Just as I thought. A black room spread out before us. It was like the ancient elven ruins. The walls, floors, and ceiling all had the glowing blue lines running across them. And in the center of the room, was a rectangular monument of some sort. There was nothing else in sight. No traps or guardian monsters. And of course, no ancient elves.


“This is really the center?”

“But there is nothing here.”


Manager and Lemon said as they looked at the room.


“We will have to inspect it in any case. I will go first.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Thank you.”


Daniela walked in the lead and I followed her.


“You two stay there, just in case the doors close.”

“Got it.”

“I understand!”


Daniela and I wouldn’t be able to do anything if it was locked from the outside. I wasn’t sure if this material could be destroyed, but I wanted to avoid a situation where we were all trapped inside.


“Asagi. Let us go.”

“Aye, Daniela.”


I gulped and looked at Daniela’s back. I had seen this back for a long time now. I knew I could rely on it. And it was a back that only I could protect. No matter what, I would not let Daniela die.


Daniela took her first step into the room. Nothing happened. Then she took another. Still, nothing.

Then I took a step. Nothing happened. I tapped on it with the tip of my boot. Nothing. Then I jumped in and bumped into Daniela. Nothing. Well, Daniela did glare at me.


“It seems fine…”

“So there’s no traps…!?”


Seems like it. It was just as I was about to say that. The glowing lines suddenly shot towards the stone monument in the center of the room. The multiple lines gathered towards it and blue lights began to shine brightly. The lights traveled up to the top of the stone. When all of the lights were together, the lines disappeared. And then the lights on the stone were unleashed towards the ceiling.





A human figure could be seen within the pillar of light.

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    • It was funny when author was original but after making fun of other novels constantly and then shifted himself to classical isekai troupes a bit of despise grew in me, now it grew larger that he once again pointed it out, like grow up man you have already used classical troupes already and recently not in moderation but excessively

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