Makai Hongi – 19

Chapter 19


According to the loser siblings, I had a guest.

But I had no idea who it could be.


“He wanted to see the Commander. And so I was going to tell them where Guden’s village was…and, you know.”


“That’s when stories about you started coming into the village. They said that you traded places through Gekokujyo. I was so shocked to hear it.”


“The Gekokujyo… Well, it just sort of happened. So?”

“Umm. I said he could wait in the village until you returned. But he said that he’d leave once.”

“He didn’t want the other villagers to see him. What a weirdo…”


“Wait! Did you just say that he didn’t want the other villagers to see him?”

“Yeah. Why?”


“…Could it be, that he isn’t from this country?”

“That’s it. You sure are smart.”


“…Damn it.”

Someone from a different country came to see me? This clearly meant trouble.


“What? Golan? You’ve become silent all of a sudden.”


“Hey, you two losers. Listen carefully. I’m going to need you to tell me everything. If there’s anything you forgot, you better start remembering. And don’t hide anything from me. You must tell me all that you heard.”



“Golan. You’re so scary!”


“Tell. Me!”

I said with a glare. They stuttered and sputtered for a while and then began to talk.


Saifo had met him by accident.

His house was close to the edge of the village and he had been working outside. And since he had been making noise, that had likely attracted the stranger.


And the important part.

The stranger was alone. And apparently a completely free being that wasn’t controlled by any country.


The stranger served no one in this post-apocalyptic world. In other words, there was no one backing him.

If such a person existed, you either had to be as strong as a king, or there would be some other very unique reason.


“So, is there something wrong with this person?”

After all, the stranger didn’t want to be seen by the villagers.

That meant he wanted to avoid rumors.


“Well, you can say that, I suppose.”

“Yes! After all, he was a Reaper.”


Beka said nonchalantly. I wanted to hold my head.

Why did it have to be a Reaper?


I didn’t know how it was in the other lands, but in this area, where there were many small countries clustered together, Reapers were hated like snakes and scorpions.


There was a reason for it, and it could not be helped. However, the problem here was that an independent Reaper had appeared here.


“…So, what did he want?”

“He said that he would say once the Commander arrived.”


“So he’s not in this village right now?”

“He said he’ll be back by the time the Commander returns!”

“I see.”

Perhaps he came every now and then. Or maybe he monitored the place.


As far as the strength of their race, they were above ogres. Hell, they were even above High Ogres.

I wasn’t sure if they were above or below vampires.


Once you reached that level, it was less about your race and more about individual strength. And so there was no point in trying to rank them.

In other words, the Reapers were incredibly strong.


“…Why must such a catastrophe befall me as soon as I get back.”

Maybe I really shouldn’t have declared Gekokujyo.


“But, doesn’t this happen to you all of the time, Golan?”

“Yeah! You always say that you don’t want to fight, but you fought every day, anyway. This is just a little more of the usual. You’re weird.”


Beka started snorting loudly.

“I see. Do you want me to beat you up?”


“Oh, Golan is up for a fight today. That’s unusual. I guess being a Commander really changes you.”

“Damn you for involving me in this mess. Also, it has nothing to do with being a Commander.”


“No, it totally does. Don’t you realize how much stronger you now are compared to when you left? After all, your strength is what’s most important… Alright then. Let’s fight!”

“Brother, you have to let me fight him when you’re done.”


“…Look here, I’m quite tired. You should let me rest. Besides, I want to go home and take care of this mess.”


I had walked here all the way from the battlefield.

But then again, I didn’t expect them to understand it.


Makai Hongi

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