Makai Hongi – 71

Chapter 71


Tea was brought out during the break.

I asked if there wasn’t anything to eat as well, and was given some bread.

It was the typical preserved food type.

But everyone stared at me when I was about to eat it, and so I took it and went outside.

It was just as I was finished eating and returned to the room, that the second half of the meeting started.

“I think we heard the general opinions earlier. As for how we can stop their ambitions, that is a different matter. However, I just wanted to know what you all thought. Regardless of how we do it, I’m thinking about accepting the Demon King’s request. Leninoth and Fara. We won’t let either of these Lesser Demon Kings gain dominance.”

Everyone nodded at General Farneze’s words.

She was good at bringing things together.

“Now, I am quite sure the other two Generals would agree with this. We cannot just obey timidly when someone makes a demand. And so let us return to the previous subject. Instead of merely listening to Demon King Tralzard, we must make him compromise. Think about it. And tell me if you have any ideas.”

After that, everyone gave their opinion as they wished.

However, most were unrealistic. Very, very unrealistic.

For instance…

“They are a great country. And so we should borrow some of their soldiers. We can win if we make them do most of the work.”

This was ridiculous.

In fact, if they did just send some of their strongest troops to us, we’d be wise to consider it the first step of an invasion.

What kind of fool would want to accept soldiers from a strong country that we weren’t even in an alliance with?

“How about sending our own men to them, and have them train? They have been warring for years, and our soldiers will be able to learn a lot from them as they grow stronger.”

What kind of idiot…

Why the hell would they pass over their military secrets to us?

Strategy and combat arts were only worth anything once you had experience. Things you didn’t want the enemy to know…there was no way that they would tell us.

And so I mostly just sat there in stunned silence. Waiting to see where things would go…

“We can have them strengthen our troops and then we can work together as friends. Then no matter what enemy we face, we will be able to trample over them easily.”

They went on.


I couldn’t help but mutter. However, it was in a quiet voice, and so no one heard me.

“It looks like Golan has an opinion.”

The General suddenly said. Wait, did she hear that?

“Uh…not really.”

“I would like to hear it. As I told you before the meeting started, I want everyone to speak frankly.”

Well, if she was going to say that much, I couldn’t just say that I had nothing.

Besides, from the looks of it, at least half of the others were against the last speaker’s opinion.

But then again, I didn’t have an alternative plan… What could I say?

“There are three countries ruled by Lesser Demon Kings that are connected with our country. First is Leninoth, who is currently continuing his war. Then there is Rous. And then there is Kurulu, who is at war with Lubanga.”

Most of those seated looked at me as if they couldn’t understand why I was telling them this.

“To continue, even if we attacked Kurulu or Rous, Leninoth would use the opportunity to attack us. The only thing that is keeping Leninoth in check, is our three Generals, who each have their role in protecting this country. …In other words, why not have one General remain and protect the castle, and have the other two armies cooperate in order to invade Leninoth?”

Have Tralzard send an army to the east.

Of course, there will be no need to cross the border.

What was important was that troops were gathered and spread out in the east.

As long as the threat of invasion was there, Rous and Lubanga would not be able to move.

Kurulu and Nacti might then use the opportunity to send their armies to Lubanga.

After all, both countries would have their eyes temporarily directed to the west side.


Makai Hongi

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