Makai Hongi – 44

Chapter 44


Even among the tree fairies, the Cherry Ents were lacking in terms of attack power. They could not fight at all.

And while they had special abilities suited for defense, they could not actually defeat enemies. So they would always lose.

Why had they chosen to fight then?

“Was it because I talked to them?”

“Golan? Do you really know the way? I feel like we’re just going around in circles.”

“That’s because of Cherry Blossom Blizzard. It messes with your sense of direction. Don’t worry, we’ve been walking in a straight line.”

You couldn’t rely on your eyes and ears here.

Currently, everywhere you looked, the air was filled with petals.

And the raging wind echoed in my ears. However…

I was moving while looking at a compass.

It was nothing. This world also had an east, west, south, and north. 

It was a simple device where I stuck a thin magnetic plate on the needle. But it was quite useful.

“Really? But my senses are telling me that we are going the way we came.”

“Yes, and it must be right, since that’s what you say.”

“Hey, you’re terrible!”

“With the special ability, ‘Cherry Blossom Blizzard,’ your senses are not reliable. Not only that, but this is the work of five Cherry Ents. And so it likely covers a very large area.”

The old tree would not have gone against the enemy alone.

He wouldn’t have done this without the cooperation of all five of them.

And so we continued while relying on the compass. And then I finally found the town’s entrance.

“See. We arrived.”

“Huh!? We did? But how?”

Beka was shocked, because she was still relying on her senses.

Ogres were meat heads, which meant they were weaker to psychological attacks.

I had to be careful too.

“Nevermind that. Let’s go inside.”





As we tried to step foot into the town, we were stopped by an invisible wall.

“Golan, that hurt. There’s some kind of wall here. But I can’t see anything.”

“Yeah… This is ‘Spring Storm.’ It’s a wall made of thick air… Don’t tell me…”


“This is a special ability of an Elder Cherry Ent.”

Normal Cherry Ents should not be able to use it.

It was only once you evolved into an Elder, that you could use physical defense abilities.

“This… Even I cannot break it easily.”

While it was considered a physical defense, it was a wall made of wind currents.

You could not destroy it with stone or wood.

Even if you managed to make a hole in it, it would close up in an instant.

“What do you mean? We can’t get in?”

“Yeah… Is that a relief?”

This meant that the Golems were likely still wandering around the area surrounding the town in the blizzard.

And even if they reached it, they would not be able to get inside.

“…Damn it. That old tree. He really did evolve into an Elder.”

He really had me worried back there.

So that’s why they decided to resist.

Though, they still couldn’t defeat the Golems, so it was up to me, regardless.


Makai Hongi

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