Makai Hongi – 56

Chapter 56 


After that, I lived in that tent for five days, just eating and sleeping. Then I recovered enough to walk to the village without any trouble, and so I decided to do just that.

Currently, others who were more heavily wounded were resting here.

Since we were in such a post-apocalyptic world, I hoped that they got better soon.

I stopped by the town on my way back.

During the war, it was just the old trees that were there, as everyone else had evacuated, but it was different today.

“So the residents have returned then.”

That being said, I didn’t see a lot of them as I walked through the town.

The ones I did see were all fairy types. And they were always filled with curiosity.

I suppose the other trees hadn’t returned yet, because they were very slow on their feet.

“Old man…ah, there he is.”

I headed to the park and saw the familiar tree.

There were still no children in the park. While the war had ended, it would be a while before we saw families again.

“Hey, old man.”

I said, but there was no reply. His branches did not stir, and his leaves did not rustle.

“I see. So you’re just like me. Recovering.”

He did say that he wouldn’t be talking for the rest of the year. So it couldn’t be helped.

They had protected this town. They protected me as well.

“I’m going home, old man. But I’ll be back. And you can introduce your children, grandchildren, and…great grandchildren? …to me.”

I patted the trunk a few times and then left the park.

Maybe I would come and visit him next year. Then I would be able to hear him laugh, ‘hohoho’ again.

And so I walked for the next few days until I finally reached my village.

“Ah, if it isn’t Golan. You came back?”

“What do you mean by that? This is my village.”

“Oh, right… I just thought you would start living in the city.”

“I won’t. I…am I not welcome here anymore?”

I was starting to feel anxious.

Surely they hadn’t forgotten about me just because I had returned a little late? Was my house still standing?

“Ah, it’s Golan. Welcome.”

“I think you mean welcome back!”

Why were they treating me like a customer?

Isn’t this supposed to be my village?

As I felt like a chunk of my heart had been gouged out, I avoided bumping into villagers after that as I walked.

Eventually, my house came into view.

Many of us had died during the war. This meant that a lot of houses were left without owners.

And so I had taken one of them for my own after I became a Commander.

I was still allowed to live in it, right?


I opened the door with some hesitation. Beka was standing there.

Uh…isn’t this my house? Why was she wandering inside?

“Huh? Oh, it’s you, Golan. What’s the matter?”

“That’s what I want to ask! Why the hell are you here?”

“Oh, right. Golan, there’s something I wanted to tell you.”

“Answer my question first.”

“My brother…he left home.”

“Why are you in my house…what? Saifo? He left home?”

The hell?

“He said that he wanted to become strong like you. And he went off to train.”

“Train… So he really went then.”


Makai Hongi

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