Makai Hongi – 250

Chapter 250

○ Lesser Demon King Melvis’s Country – Melvis

It was around the time after Farneze had departed in order to kill Kyuka and Dardaroth’s return to the castle after being in the south.

“I’m leaving.”
Melvis muttered as he stood up from his throne.

Dardaroth became frantic.
It was only a few days ago that he had returned in order to meet Melvis.

And he had expected that he would have to tell Melvis all that had happened while he was asleep.
Dardaroth had remained loyal and guarded over his master. But he had been troubled over how he could explain everything concisely.

“Your Majesty… Where will you go?”
Perhaps he was going to go and destroy some small country.

As Dardaroth thought of such things, he heard the answer, ‘To Dalm’s country.’

“Gre-great Demon King Dalm…?”
While this made sense to Dardaroth, he still felt a chill travel down his spine.

Great Demon King Dalm. The great Dragon King.
Even before Melvis had fallen into that deep slumber, Dalm’s country had had many problems.


“I’m leaving the rest to you.”
“Yes, Your Majesty!”

He would protect this castle no matter what.
As he swore to himself…

“He’s gone.”
“He is.”

“So boring.”

“Let’s play with this then.”
“Yes, let’s play.”

Said the Eternal Invisibles, Jikae and Manny.

“So they returned as well.” Dardaroth scowled.

After that, Jikae and Manny would fight Dardaroth in the castle.
As for the castle that Dardaroth had just sworn to protect…the damage would be great.

“It has been a long time, old friend.”
“You! Is it you, Melvis!?”

“Hmm. This castle hasn’t changed at all.”
“Why are you inspecting it so calmly? I haven’t seen you in a hundred years.”

Melvis had paid Great Demon King Dalm a visit. He looked around the room and muttered, ‘well, this area looks a little different.’

“It’s because you destroyed it the last time you were here. I suppose that was nearly four hundred years ago.”
“Has it really been that long?”

“You wouldn’t know, as you were asleep. The last time we met, it was on the battlefield. What possessed you to just walk in here? What happened to my guards?”

“I came from above.”
That was all Dalm needed to hear in order to understand.
He had come from a point in the sky that was so high that it was dark all around.

Usually, the area around the castle was guarded by his subordinates, and there was no way that anyone could get in.
However, it might as well have been unprotected to someone like Melvis.

“…So, what brought the ancient Great Demon King to this place?”
When the rumors of Melvis’s sleep had started to spread, Dalm had not believed them.

Dalm knew just how abnormal Melvis could be. And it did not seem likely that a mere attack from a celestial would be enough to accomplish such a thing.

This was a Great Demon King who lived through ancient times. As a fellow Great Demon King, Melvis was a threat that Dalm could not easily overlook.

“Well, there are not many who I can talk to who don’t cower in fear.”
“I suppose I should say…that you’re flattering me.”

Dalm was shaking inwardly. But he could not let it show.
If anyone had been watching these two talk, their impression would have been very strange indeed.

There were only two Great Demon Kings in the Demon World, and yet Dalm seemed to be treating Melvis with great respect.
But Melvis was a Lesser Demon King. ‘Why?’ That would be the question on the person’s mind.

“I want to know what was happening in the Celestial World while I was asleep.”
Melvis said. Dalm did not open his mouth for a long time.

And so Melvis continued.
“I’m sure that you’re still bringing in the Fallen into your fold. Now, tell me what I want to know before I tear your jaw open.”

The Fallen were residents of the Celestial World who had been tarnished by mana.
Some of them had fallen by their own will, while others were forced to after being exposed to mana during experiments.

Normally, celestials who are exposed to mana during experiments choose to die.
However, those who wish to live are able to adapt their bodies and extend their lives.

This process was irreversible, and someone who had fallen will never be able to return to the Celestial World.
They would have no choice but to live in the Demon World.

“…I still can’t beat you.”
Dalm said with a deep sigh. ‘What do you want to know?’

“What happened in the Celestial World? There must have been a great power struggle. Something that changed the very map. I want to know about it.”

“I remember every detail that the Fallen have told me. It will be a very long story.”
“I saw Hera’s soul.”

“Hera… You went to the Under World?”
“Yes. In order to search for King Yamato… And to erase the curse on me that was cast through purifying the soul.”

“And Hera was there… Does that mean Hera is dead? But according to what you said, Hera had completed the reincarnation emancipation research. So why would her soul be in the Under World?”

“I don’t know why. However, I have no doubt that it was Hera’s soul. In a few hundred years, the self will be washed away, and reincarnated as a different soul. But that is no concern of mine. I just want to know who killed Hera. And how did they send her soul to the Under World.”

“You think that the murderer is in the Celestial World?”
“I do. Hera had completed her own soul and was pursuing Zeus. And so why was she just a soul drifting in the Under World? What happened?”

Dalm groaned at Melvis’s words.
Hera was at a similar level to Dalm and Great Demon King Bibashini in the Demon World. Some had even called her the greatest power in the whole Celestial World.

“It’s hard to believe, but I suppose Hera really is dead then.”
“And the Celestial World?”

“Currently, you could say that the chaos is even greater than it is in the Demon World.”

Dalm said. And then he started to explain.

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