Makai Hongi – 206

Chapter 206

○ Demon King Tralzard

Either he had sharp instincts or a special ability that allowed him to detect what was happening behind him. Regardless, this person who was bowing had an impressive reaction.
And even after seeing him from the front, he looked like no race I had ever seen.

I have been a Demon King for a long time, but I could not think of anyone that ‘resembled’ him.
If his skin had been dark brown, and with a larger head and horns on his forehead, then he might look like the Shura.

In any case, it seemed to me that he had lost most of his Ogre shape.
However, there was something very exciting about meeting an evolved Origin type.

His mana was also quite high. There was a good air about him.

Once he had many descendants and they were established as their own race, I wouldn’t mind making a place for them in my country.
He inspired such thoughts in me.

I then sat on the throne and introduced myself.
At this point, I would tell most people to leave. My subordinates would listen to them for me.

But not with this Golan. I had no intention of letting him leave here.
After some light chatter, I unleashed the ‘Dragon Roar.’ It was an ambush.

He had good instincts. And so he raised the Mana Drain shield before the roar reached him.
However, that was not enough to stop the Dragon Roar.

In the first place, the reports had talked about this shield. And so I would not have used a skill that could be blocked by it.
The Dragon Roar used highly concentrated mana and ate whatever was in its path.

If you used a shield, you could only defend your front side.
However, you were exposed to the mana that came from every other direction.

The Dragon Roar burst through the thick doors of the audience hall and shot out of the castle.
From the corner of my eye, I could see my Adjutants covering their faces.

A great hole would open in the earth, or a settlement would be destroyed.
Such damage was possible with an attack like this.

Well, that’s probably enough. His mana would be gone. I doubt there would even be any bones left.
And so I ended the roar.

The Mana Drain shield clanged to the floor.
“…Hmm. I knew that it was likely, but not even a piece of him is left.”

Disappointing, but there was nothing to be done.
I hadn’t expected him to survive, but had hoped that maybe he would at least maintain his shape.

“Your Majesty.”
“He is just like the others. Put that thing away.”

I stood up and turned to leave. But there was a demon in front of me who was laughing with a wide mouth.

“Where are you going? It’s my turn now.”
“Where are you going? It’s my turn now.”

“You are alive? And…why can I hear two voices…”
But before I could finish, a pure white blade came down on me.

I quickly blocked it.


I usually stayed in my human form, so it was easy to forget, but I had scales hidden underneath my skin.
The blade hit it, and a scale went flying into the air.


Demon Kings were Demon Kings because no one else could hurt them.
It was this strength that allowed me to dominate over multiple Lesser Demon Kings.

I had not expected his first blow to remove one of my scales.

“Tsk. This one is tough!”
“Tsk. This one is tough!”

Once again, there were two voices.
And there was something else that I noticed. Had his mana increased?

There was no mistaking it.
After all, it was two times as high as when I first met him.


He stabbed me in the stomach.
The scales stopped the blade, but I was still bleeding.

The impossible had become reality.
I quickly switched to a battle stance and blocked the oncoming blade with my scales.

He may have evolved, but that merely meant he was now among the high-ranking races.
And while his increased mana was a surprise, there was a wall between Golan and I that could not be crossed.

If I went all out, no blade could…were we really fighting each other?!
I thought I had blocked it, but it was apparently not enough.

What a strange blade.
In a way, it was even more sinister than Golan.

“In that case, there is only one thing to do.”

We Dragons did not like to bother with intricacies. It was best to go wild. There was no point in wasting time.

He would not be able to do much once he lost his weapon.
It was when I thought about this. He must have realized my aim. And he let go of the weapon on his own.
His instincts really were good after all.

The sword clanged loudly as it rolled on the floor.
While he was empty handed now, Golan was still smiling. Then he pulled out an iron club that he had on his back.

“This is what happens when I imbue it with mana and will it to become harder.”
“This is what happens when I imbue it with mana and will it to become harder.”

He raised it into the air and swung down over my head.
If my horns were to break, it would be a disaster.

I covered my head with my left hand and blocked Golan’s attack.
At the same time, I discarded any sense of restraint and slammed Golan in the stomach with ‘Dragon Fist Attack.’

This attack was effective against enemies that were immune to attacks involving claws.
After that, Golan went flying back, breaking through several walls.

My Adjutant went to see what had happened to him. He had gone through several rooms.

“He is still breathing.”
I smiled when I heard those words.

“…I want to talk to him. Patch him up and let him rest.”

My Adjutant looked surprised.
“But… Your Majesty, he attacked you…”

“I attacked him first. And it wasn’t because he did anything. I was just playing. More importantly, don’t let him die. Now hurry.”

“As you wish.”
The Adjutant disappeared through the hole in the wall.

“The rest of you, clean this up. I will return to my room…you guards can stay here.”

I left the rest to my subordinates and returned to my room.
I had much to think about.

And so I had all my appointments canceled for the day before leaving them.

“…Now, what does this mean?”
My left wrist was still broken.

Normally, it would start healing automatically. A mere fracture like this shouldn’t take any time at all.
And it wasn’t as if I didn’t have enough mana. So why wasn’t it healing?

I raised the broken wrist, but it just hung limply. There were no signs of it healing.

“What kind of attack… I don’t understand.”
I suppose I could ask him when he woke up.

It was with such thoughts that I searched for something I could use as a splint.

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    • He broke her wrist with that hexagon staff he got from that horned village. It might be the effect of a new racial ability that is keeping it from healing. If it is, then Nehyor is going to be very frustrated for the foreseeable future.

  1. Unleashing an attack that would likely kill him is ‘merely playing’? Dobroy isn’t the only one who needs a lesson on bullying.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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