Makai Hongi – 13

Chapter 13


I opened my eyes.

“…It’s been a while since I came out.”


I looked down at my body and then looked around me.


“Hey, you. Lend me your iron staff.”

The thing I accepted was thin and didn’t look very reliable.


“I guess it’s better than nothing.”

It had been two years since I last came out.


Like an idiot, I continued to increase the size of the vessels. And yet the body would suffer when I came out.


It could not last for long.

“…I have to hurry.”


The enemy stayed still as if he was stunned.

I rushed forward and slammed the iron staff into its nose.

In just one hit, the iron staff bent, becoming totally useless.


“Ba-bastard…your mana!?”


“Hey, another one!”

I threw the staff to the side and accepted another one.


Hitting him again would probably result in the same thing.

“Bastard. I’m asking you about your mana. Are you listening to me!”


“Shut up, idiot!”


I and I could not talk to each other.

But we could share some of our memories.


I’m the one that was originally a human. And so I only had the human vessel. I was the weak one that nearly died.

And I am the ogre. If I stay out for too long, my body could not bear it. I’m the strong one.


When I increase the size of my vessel, my vessel increases in size as well.

This is because there are two types. The other me seems to be satisfied with this explanation. I don’t get it.


But there is one thing that I do understand…


“Shut your damn mouth. I’m so big, that I don’t fit in this body. You don’t know how angry it makes me!”

And with that, I thrust the iron staff into its nose.


Then I used the staff to stitch its upper jaw to its lower jaw.

Now it would stop yapping away.


“…Well, seeing as I don’t have much time. I might as well make the most of it.”

As we were sharing a body, breaking it would inconvenience both of us.


This guy in front of me. He has higher mana, but not by much.

According to my memory, I trained in martial arts, swords, and staves every day.


I didn’t know the details, but the moves would probably be useful.

So of course, I would use them.


“Hey. Give me my next iron staff… No, give me all of them!”


I carried all ten of the staves I was given.


“Now, let the hunt begin.”

Oh, this was going to be fun.


I laughed confidently.




My eyes opened.



The battlefield, once the dust had settled, was horrible to look at.

There were corpses scattered everywhere.


However, most of them were the enemy. Was it because we had won?

“No…it was because they were unable to maintain order.”


After the boss was killed, the enemy arm was thrown into chaos.

Soldiers that were fighting just a moment ago would lose their courage and become weak.


Makai Hongi

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