Cave King – 11

Chapter 11 – I turned around and saw an old man!




The goblins all shouted in horror.


The ship had capsized…

And we could already see close to a dozen faces sticking out of the water.


“O-oh no…most of them can’t even swim.”


Erevan said frantically. But it was clear that he didn’t know what to do, and so he couldn’t move.


However, Rienna alone ran to the boat.


“We can save them with the boat!!”


Upon hearing this, Baris and Erevan started to move towards her.


But could they save all of the goblins in such a small boat?


That being said, we couldn’t just do nothing…


If only Cave King had a feature… No, there was nothing that would help me save them.

In that case…


I decided to use Crystal x 8879 in my Inventory.

I had forgotten to use them recently and so they had stocked up quite a bit.


<<Crystal x 8879 will be used.>>


Only magic could help them in this situation.

And so I raised my right hand to the ship.


And then the goblins turned to look at me in surprise.

Erevan questioned me frantically.


“Chi-chief? What are you doing!?”

“If they can’t swim, you’ll never make it in time by boat… I’m going to help them with magic.”


But what magic…? There was only one.


“Freeze!!!! Huh!?”


A burst of white, cold air rushed from my hand.

It went straight forward, freezing the water…

And the entire area around the capsized ship.




Baris raised his voice in surprise.

Rienna and Erevan were also shocked.


Hey, I was pretty shocked too.

I looked at my right hand in disbelief.

I had stopped it, but I felt as if I could have kept going…


So this was the power that the crystals gave me…it was incredible.

However, this was no time to be thinking about that.


“Let’s go!! Taran and Shiel! All of you, come with us!!”


I started to run over the ice.

The goblins, slimes, and Cave Spiders all joined the rescue team.


“Hurry!! Ah…!”


But since the goblins kept slipping and falling, Taran carried them on its back and headed towards the ship.


When we arrived, I saw that some of the goblins had been able to pull themselves up onto the ice.

But there were many others who were still floating in the water.


There was no time to lose. I quickly gave out the orders.


“Taran, shoot your webs towards the goblins!”


And so Taran and the spiders shot their webs out to the water.

The floating goblins then moved towards them and grabbed them desperately.


However, there were some who were unable to reach the webs by themselves.

They were probably wounded or ill.


“Shiel. Can you do what you always do!? You other slimes too.”


I said. And then Shiel turned into a boat.

The other slimes followed Shiel’s lead.


“You guys, go and help those who can’t move!”



And so the goblins and I put the slime boats on the water and jumped into them.


And like that, we were able to save all of the goblins.


“Phew. For a second, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen back there…”


We had returned to the shore after saving everyone.


As I went around and treated the injured and sick goblins with healing magic, Rienna gathered together the healthy goblins and started to cook some fish.


As for Erevan, he went and talked to each one.

Perhaps the small goblin he was talking to now was a family member because he was shedding tears as they embraced.


“Fu! I’m so glad that you’re alive!! I knew that we would meet again!”

“Fa-father…could you let go of me?”


While Erevan’s face was contorted with tears, Fu looked very confused.


Just as I had finished treating the last goblin, Baris walked up to me.


I had asked Taran and the other Cave Spiders to use their webs to pull the capsized boat to the shore.


Baris had been checking on the supplies that were on the ship, as well as finding out what other damage had been done.


“Lord Heal. Thanks to you, none of the goblins were drowned. All 203 of them are safe. I do not know how I can thank you…”

“No, no. I’m just happy that everyone is safe.”

“Yes. On top of that, because of your healing magic, one of the gravely ill goblins who could not even walk previously has now regained his health completely. How did you…”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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