Cave King – 10

Chapter 10 – A boat arrived?!


Noon, the next day.


“Wow, it’s already starting to sprout!”


Rienna said as she stood in front of the small farm that was made in a corner of the island.


The apple seed I had planted had sprouted in just 10 seconds…


This was all because of the Sun Stones.

I had mined them from the cavern where I discovered the Cave Spider. And they encouraged the growth of all kinds of living creatures.


Still, it was strange being able to see it grow like this with your own eyes…

I nodded to Rienna.


“This is what happened with just one… I think I’ll try to use more.”


And so I took the Sun Stones out of my Inventory and started adding them one by one.

And then, it immediately started to grow larger.


Before I knew it, it had become a tree that was taller than I was.

When I looked up, I saw bright green leaves and red apples.


The goblins must have been surprised because they raised their voices.


Erevan, the large goblin, was sweating from his forehead.



“Yes. …I didn’t expect it to grow this fast.”


Baris was also sweating as he nodded.


As for me, I was too stunned to say anything.


Well, there were stones that extended your lifespan or increased your magic, so it was a little late to be so surprised…


However, we had mined all of the Sun Stones in the cavern now.

And I had not been able to mine them anywhere else.

Since I didn’t know when we could get more, I couldn’t waste them.


I had 678 Sun Stones left.

And I had just used 11 for this tree.

That meant I could raise up to 60 more apple trees.


The small mushrooms inside the cavern became bite-sized with a single Sun Stone.


So it seemed that the number of Sun Stones used changed depending on what you wanted to grow.


Regardless, it was quite comforting to see green after such a long time.

I never would have thought that I’d be so moved at the sight of a tree.

Here, everything you saw was black or gray.


“And they look so delicious too! Can I pick them? I want to make some baked apples.”

“Of course. Take as many as you want. It’s great to have sweet food.”


We were just about to run out of the food supplies I had brought.

In other words, we were just about to be forced to live off of fish alone.

It would get boring if everything you ate was just salty.


“Yes! I’ll pick about 20 of them for now!”


Rienna hummed to herself as she used a stick to knock the apples down.


She really seemed to be interested in food.



“Hey, Rienna. Do you have a minute?”


Rienna turned around as she carried an armful of apples.


“Yes? What is it, Lord Heal?”

“I’m going to leave the rest of the Sun Stones to you. You can decide how to use them.”


We planned to make a farm, but I didn’t know anything about food, so I thought it would be better to put Rienna in charge.


“Me-me? But they are so valuable…”

“But these things should be handled by the person in charge of cooking, don’t you agree? So you’re the right person.”

“But while I can cook, cultivation is…”

“As for that…”


I turned to look at Baris.

Baris seemed to guess what I wanted.


“Princess. While it is not much, I do have some knowledge of farming. We can raise the crops together.”


Rienna heard this and nodded.


“If Baris will help me…I think I can do it. Yes, I will not disappoint you, Lord Heal!”

“Aye, thank you.”


I wished she wouldn’t think about it too hard. But that being said, I did have high expectations. And I knew that she wouldn’t let me down.


Still, we only had fruit seeds.

It really limited what we could grow. So it would be best to acquire other seeds from outside quickly…

Well, we would just have to do what we could now.


“Alright, I’m going to go digging again.”


With the goblins wishing me luck, I once again headed to the cave.


In the far depths, Taran was already swinging the pickaxes, this time with the help of the children spiders.

Shiel and the other slimes carried the materials to me.


“Yes, yes. You’re all helping.”


I said, even though there was no way that they would understand. And then I struck the walls with my own pickaxe.


As always, the rocks fell away.

However, this time I saw a white rock inside.


“Hmm? What’s this?”


<<Dragon Sphere Stone…Allows you to revive the dead.>>


What a ridiculously powerful stone.

First, it was a stone that extends your life, and now one that revives people.



The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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    • Could be both, or either. Dragons are known to have balls, cores, or fiery hearts with their power in them. They are able to extend your life, grant you enormous power, or just let you speak any language. Depends.

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