Cave King – 10


Now, it was as if we had a second layer of insurance.


If someone happened to die, we would still be okay.


“A new stone, huh… Yes, I must keep digging!”


And so I started to swing the pickaxe again.

However, no matter how much I continued to dig, I was not able to get another Dragon Sphere Stone.


They must have been very rare.

But then again, being able to revive without limit would mean you had nothing to fear…

Perhaps I should just leave it by the entrance so it could be used in emergencies.


And so I took the Dragon Sphere Stone out of my Inventory.

If I left it in there, it was likely that no one would be able to take it out or use it if I died.


As I was thinking this, I heard a voice echo from far away.


“Chief! Chief! Chief!”


It was Erevan’s voice.

He must be shouting near the entrance.

Had something happened?


“I’m coming!!”


I shouted back loudly as I climbed up the stairs.

On the way, Shiel gave me a ride, so I didn’t get too tired.


When I arrived at the entrance, I saw that Erevan looked pale as he stood there.


“Erevan. What happened?”

“Chi-chief! The ship with our comrades is here! Please come!”



I put the Dragon Sphere Stone down by the entrance and headed to the rocky shore.


And then, I saw that Rienna and Baris were waving towards a sailing ship that was offshore.

As for the ship, they were waving what was probably the flag of their tribe. It was a black flag with an axe painted on it.

So, they had noticed us as well.


“I see. So your friends are alive.”


Rienna turned to look at me.


“Yes! I thought they were all dead. This is such a relief…”


She said with tear-filled eyes.

Baris and Erevan were also crying tears of joy.


“Ah, I’m so happy…my child was also on that ship.”


Erevan said as he waved his hand.


His child. He must want to reunite as soon as possible.


“Erevan. It will be dangerous for that ship to stop so close to hear. You should use my boat to go to them.”

“Yes! But, are you sure?”

“I won’t be using it anyway. So there is no problem. Also…”


I took out some sapphires and precious stones from my Inventory and handed them to Erevan.


“Chief. What is this?”

“A farewell gift. Take it. If you have this, the Berdan tribe will be able to make a new start, no matter which continent you are on.”

“What? Wh-what are you talking about, Chief?”

“What am I… Your friends have come in a ship. Of course, you wouldn’t want to stay around such a remote place like this?”


Upon hearing this, the goblins looked at me with surprise.


Erevan opened his mouth.


“Wouldn’t want to stay? Surely not. We have already offered ourselves to you, Chief. If I am to go, it is only so that I can make them swear their loyalty to you as well.”

“Yes! We are now your servants, Lord Heal!”

“We have already decided to serve you.”


Rienna said. Baris agreed with a nod.


“Wa-wait a minute. I’m grateful for that, but if you took this with you, you could buy land and weapons. You don’t have to live in a place like this…”

“Then, will you come with us, Lord Heal?”


Now that I thought about it, that’s what I had been hoping for in the beginning.

Escape this island by ship. It was now possible.


However, now, I could no longer imagine living in any place else.

Mining here had become my reason for living.


“No, I…”

“Then we do not want to leave either.”


Rienna declared. And Erevan and Baris nodded.


If I were in their place, I would have left and lived in luxury.

But they wanted to stay. Stay with me.


I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy then.

My parents and brothers had always hated me, and I was always alone.

And yet, here were people who wanted to stay with me…


“You guys… Thank you.”


I said. And Erevan shook his head.


“It is nothing. Well then, I will go and meet them by boat and tell them where to anchor the ship.”

“Yes. That’s right. Ah…”


Just as I was about to answer, a giant wave struck the ship, and it was capsized.

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  1. I love this new series. Its a relaxing breath from reading other novels.

    Keep up the good work!
    Stay home, stay safe.

  2. Lol crying of happiness then suddenly gets capsized, i dunno the luck of these people. Will the dragon ore be used right away? But Heal can use better magic now so he can surely save em before one dies right?

    Thanks for the chapter!!! ♡♡♡

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