Cave King – 11


“It’s just magic called Recover and Cure… Uh, it was thanks to my magic energy, I guess.”


Recover was for strength and any internal damage. Cure was for poison and sicknesses.

And their effectiveness was based on your energy.


As I had already used over ten thousand crystals, I seemed to have acquired an immense amount of energy.


Otherwise, I would not have been able to freeze the sea like that.


“By the way, how were the supplies?”

“I am ashamed to say this, but we were always poor. That ship was made with the last of our meager savings. So we only have a minimum amount of food and tools.”

“I see… Well, you still got a ship of this size.”


It was a wonder that the thing could even float. However, we could also think of it as acquiring a lot of wood materials.


And so I looked at Baris and continued.


“Besides…I’m glad to see that the island is so much more lively now.”

“We will try not to get in your way, Lord Heal. And if it is your wish, allow them to serve you as well.”

“I don’t mind… But, only those who want to. I’ll think of a way to help those who want to leave.”

“That will not happen…they must all serve you. …But more importantly, and I’ve been wondering about this for a while now, who is that person behind you?”



I turned to see the person that Baris was looking at.


A very portly old man was standing there. In terms of height, he reached my waist.

He had a great mustache and beard…and was completely naked.


Uh? Who the hell was this guy?


“Um, I don’t know either. Maybe he was on the goblin ship?”

“No, I have heard of no such reports. But he was staring at you the whole time that you were treating the injured. And so I had to ask…”

“I, I see… Well, Taran and other spiders helped with the mining a lot, so maybe they encountered him somewhere.”


No, that was ridiculous.

I was mining in the cave and found an old man. No way.


And so I asked Baris.


“Uh… Are you sure he hadn’t been hiding in a wooden crate in the ship or something like that?”

“Th-that… It is not impossible.”

“It must be that. He is a stowaway.”


That being said, why was he just staring? Say something… And why was he naked?


And so I tried talking to the staring, naked, old man.


“Uh, I’m Heal. Who are you?”


However, as soon as he heard my voice, he turned around and went off to the kitchen.

Of course, he ended up wasting no time in eating all the fish that Rienna and the others had cooked.


Well, at least there was no shortage of fish to eat…

But if he was going to live here, he would at least have to wear some clothes.


And like that, the residents of Sheorl Reef had increased in number.

It wasn’t until that night that I realized the Dragon Sphere Stone near the entrance of the cave was missing.

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  1. Did he accidentally revive one of the skeletons that was originally in the cave? He better be useful otherwise that was a great big waste of that stone to revive some short, fat, naked old guy.

    • doesn’t it mean anything to you in a fantasy setting?

      -found in a cave?

      i bet that guy is a freaking dwarf! here comes the blacksmith upgrade!

    • Well he kept complaining that there wasn’t any dirt, and no real point to trying to bury them in the stone… guess he forgot all about them after he started mining. The goblins probably assumed it was his preference to decorate the entrance with bones.

  2. I am loving this new series. Can’t wait to see the girl in the novel cover.
    Wait, is she the goblin princess??

  3. Thanks for chap

    wait no matter how u look at its gotta be a gnome right??! Definitely not a dwarf idk why no else thought it.
    Dwarfs are generally shown to be middle aged, used to work with metal and most of all being able to act like a normal human.

    Only gnome is earth spirit, that appears near blessed lands(imma guess the stone revived some ancient spirit of the reef)

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