Cave King – 12

Chapter 12 – He was an amazing person!!


“Phew. All done. All done.”


I returned to the cave’s entrance and sat down.


My work for today involved preparing rooms for the goblins.


Yesterday, we had saved over 200 goblins.

In other words, there were now that many more residents on this island.

And that meant they could not all sleep near the entrance of the cave, and so it became necessary to prepare new living quarters.


Using my pickaxe to hollow out a cube-shaped space and then making simple tables and beds with Stone Blocks…

That was my role.


Well, as it was still related to mining, it was basically the same as my usual job.


On the other hand, the goblins concentrated on making cloth, clothes, and fishing nets with the Cave Spiders.


At the same time, they were also taking apart the ship.

I intended to make it again, but as Baris said, they did not have many tools, and so things were not going very smoothly.


And so I decided that we should make the tools first.

Like axes and pickaxes.


Everyone was working very hard.

After taking a short break, I would go fishing, and then return to mining.


It was as I was thinking such things and rubbing my own shoulders,


“Lord Heal! You must be tired.”


Rienna was walking quickly towards me while carrying a wooden bowl.


“Rienna. You too. Are things going well at the farm?”

“Yes! In fact, I was wondering if you’d like to taste this.”


Rienna offered me the wooden bowl.

It was filled with a purple liquid and a sweet fragrance wafted through the air.


“Is this…grapes!”

“Yes! We’ll be able to pick fruits from the trees again next year as well, and so I planted all of the ones we have now.”

“Ah, I see.”


Next year…huh.

Up until now, I hadn’t even believed that there would be a next year.

But now, I had more friends and it seemed like we could easily survive for that long.


And Rienna must intend to stay here next year as well.

In that case, I had to make this island more comfortable to live in.


It was with such thoughts that I drank the grape juice.

Yes. It was so fresh. I never would have imagined that I’d be drinking something like this here.


“It’s delicious… I see you and the others are doing your best. Hmm?”


Just then, I remembered something.

…What had I done with the Dragon Sphere Stone?


Coming to this island had made me cling less to material things. And so I had forgotten all about it.


And so I looked around the area where I had left it, but it was nowhere to be found.

But I remembered putting it near a skull that was too big to be human. That way, it would be easier to find…


But neither the skull or stone was there now.

In fact, the skull and bones in the area were all gone as if they had been neatly cleaned up.


Even if the goblins had thought it looked valuable and taken the stone, would they take the bones too?

Or the Cave Spiders and slimes could have…


Just then, I heard an angry voice roaring.


“You! What are you staring at!! Do you have a bone to pick with me!?”


The person who was shouting was one of the new goblins.

Apparently, he had been making pickaxes and axes in the smithy that Baris had made…


And he was angry that the small man had suddenly appeared in front of him.


As for this small, old man. Ever since appearing yesterday, he had done nothing but eat a lot of fish and wander around the caves by himself.

He had seen me mining once and looked very surprised.

…And he was still completely naked.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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