Cave King – 12


“Hey! Old naked man!! How dare you stare at me like that! Do you think that you’re better than me!?”


It was no wonder that the goblin was angry.


The old man was just folding his arms and watching the goblin work.

As a person who was sweating and working hard, you would find this spectator very annoying.


The goblin approached the old man and handed him a hammer.


“Help me if you have nothing better to do! We don’t have enough of these pickaxes and axes.”


He said as he showed them to the old man.

The old man saw them and boldly headed towards the furnace.


Once he was there, he started to move the rocks around.


“Hey!! What are you doing!”


But he had no ears for the goblin. And once he was done, he ignited a fire in the furnace with a satisfied smile.


And then, with a speed that the eye could hardly follow, he began to hammer a block of iron that had been set to the side.

His speed was so incredible, that not only I, but all the surrounding goblins found our jaws drop.


What was most surprising, was that he completed the head of a pickaxe in about half a minute.


The more he worked, the wider his grin became.

It seemed like he was making an axehead now.


Before I knew it, I had walked straight up to him.


“Wh-what is this…”


The goblin said as he picked up the head of the pickaxe.

What the old man had created had a thin, graceful arch and was beautiful, like a work of art.


However, the goblin shook his head and said,


“Tsk. Something this thin won’t be able to break the rocks! It will bend immediately! Remake it now!”


The goblin tried to stop the old man.

However, I stopped him.


“Wait! I will test it out. But let him continue for now.”

“Huh? Yes!”


The goblin quickly attached the head to a stick and then handed it to me.


Well, I would go and test it out then.

Was he just very fast, or…


I returned to the caves.

The angry goblin, Baris, Erevan, and Rienna came with me.


And then…




I couldn’t believe my own eyes.

The amount of rock that fell away was several times more than usual.

Just in case, I tried using my old pickaxe again.

However, sure enough, I was only able to cut out half of what I could with the old man’s pickaxe.


“They’re both iron pickaxes… Who the hell is that old man…?”


I returned to the smithy.

And then, I saw that a large pile of pickaxes and axes had been completed.


He was nakedly looking at me with a smug expression. As if to say, ‘how’s that?’


Uh, amazing? But…


Well, naked or not, he was clearly a master blacksmith.


And so I walked up to him and started to take out different materials from my Inventory, such as Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Tin, and Coal.


“Can you use these to make anything else?”


Upon hearing this, the old man stared hard at the ore and then laughed mischievously.

His eyes…were those of a maniac. Besides, he was naked.


Well, he seemed harmless enough.

In fact, something about his smell seemed similar to me.

But I didn’t like the idea of smelling like a naked old man.


However, he met my expectations…no, he exceeded them by far with what he made.


Still, we could not let him continue to be naked like this.

And so the next day, a skirt that was spun with spider webs was made for him, and he was made to wear it.


However, at this point, we had all gotten used to calling him Mappa*.

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*completely naked.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I saw someone pick up this manga series to be translated yesterday, you can also include some visuals if you find relevant from the manga like characters!

  2. Dwarf confirmée,now :a Royal blacksmith,hundred of citizen,an isle in expention … The new kingdom who accepté all people without Care for their race is born.
    If it come to the ears of the kingdom, they would still claim it as a part of their and try to collect all valuable

  3. Oh good, they forced him to wear something so he’s not completely naked anymore. Anyways can he not speak the others’ language? Or is he just a taciturn nudist?

  4. I think the dwarf don’t understand their language. He was long dead, right? Next time is story time for the nudist dwarf. I mean, blacksmith.

  5. I guess naming become hard as the amount of residence increase. In that case going for the simple, easy to remember name is the best. The name also have the old man’s origin so he’ll stuck with that name until they can communicate. Still wondering why that dwarf are naked tho’. He could just take some leaves to cover, but nope, Imma go naked all the way until someone gimme clothes.


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