Cave King – 13

Chapter 13 – Evolution!




I was digging even farther into the cave now that I had this pickaxe from the old man that we called Mappa.


The goblins and Cave Spiders also dug with Mappa’s tools.


In fact, during these past few days, I had tamed many slimes.

88 in all.

And so there was no problem in terms of transportation.


Also, I had started filling in the area around the shore with sand and small rocks, in order to make it easier to land.


Everything was going smoothly…

Or so I thought. But then I noticed something while looking through my Inventory.


◇ Inventory

    Rock x 23978

    Iron Ore x 899

    Copper Ore x 978

    Gold Ore x 27

    Silver Ore x 88

    Coal x 2220

    Limestone x 789

    Marble x 1999


    Ruby x 8

    Sapphire x 6

    Crystal x 1399

    Turtle Stone x 189

    Purification Stone x 3

    Shining Stone x 389


Most of the materials had been increasing.

But there was one thing that bothered me.


The fact that I hadn’t found another Dragon Sphere Stone…was not really a problem.

If anything, I would be scared if the place was overflowing with such things.


No, what bothered me was that Turtle Stones were becoming harder to find.


According to my calculations, we had already extended Rienna’s life by ten years.

However, we were suddenly finding fewer of them.


I wanted to return to the areas where I had found them and dig deeper, but it seemed that there were dangers of cave-ins, and so ‘Cave King’ wouldn’t show me any glowing spots to dig.


I decided to be honest and discuss the matter with Rienna…

But she just smiled and said that we had done enough.


But… It was because she looked so cheerful that I felt heartbroken.

I had to do something… Before I knew it, it was stuck in the corner of my brain while I was digging.


…Then it happened.


I suddenly hit a small cavern with white walls.

According to Cave King, it was 3 meters high and 6 square meters. 


And so I hesitantly stepped into the stone room.

The floor and walls were all white marble.

And in the center, were scattered rocks and small stones that glowed blue.

Farther in the back, there was something like an altar. And a golden rock lay on top of it.


It might have been a tombstone. But there were no statues or coffins in sight.

Maybe it was a shrine?


First, I let my Inventory gather all of the fallen rocks.

Most of them were just ordinary rocks… However, when I gathered the blue stones, an unfamiliar name popped up.


“…Heart Stone?”


<<Heart Stone… It can be used as a core for created creatures. …Since you have acquired the Heart Stone, Doll Creation is now possible through the Cave King support feature.>>


Huh? Doll?


<<With Cave King, you can use the Heart Stone to create a doll. Combine items in your inventory to create and alter a doll.>>


So, that meant I could increase the number of friends even more.

Judging by the rocks here, perhaps there had once been a rock doll that was here.


I went forward and then gathered the gold stone as well.


…Ascension Monster Stone? What does it do?

The broken doll was likely placed here to protect this.

So it must be important.


And then the Advisor explained it to me.


<<Ascension Monster Stone…Using it allows you to make monsters evolve.>>


Evolve? I wasn’t sure what that meant…


<<Monsters are able to change into another type of monster. Their age and memories will be the same, but their bodies will be different.>>


Huh. Would that affect their lifespan too?


<<Their lifespan will also change.>>


Oh… Then we wouldn’t have to worry about Rienna’s lifespan anymore.

That being said, changing a person’s body…I didn’t like the idea of doing something so unheard of…


In any case, I decided to leave the room for now and return to the entrance.

It was quite late in the day now, and I wanted to tell the others about what I had found.


And so I returned to the entrance and Baris, Erevan, Rienna, and I all surrounded the pile of Shining Stones.

Shiel sat on my lap, and while no one had actually called Mappa, he sat down with us, with a grilled fish in one of his hands.


“Hmm. A doll… I am sorry, but I have never heard of such a thing.”

“I see. Not even you, Baris.”


Of course, Erevan and Rienna didn’t know either.

As for Mappa, he was too busy eating his fish.


“Well, I guess I’ll have to do some testing by myself. But more importantly…”


I took out the thing I had actually wanted to talk about. The Ascension Monster Stone.

And I told them that it allowed monsters to evolve.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. so that’s where the girl came from, I first thought she will come from the boat or the dragon stone reviving the dead when the two cases where shown

  2. Wait… wouldn’t the resurrection stone have done the same the only difference is he would have had to wait for her to die and then resurrect her to reset the counterr?

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