Cave King – 13


“And uh, apparently, it would change your lifespan… But I don’t really know how evolution works…”


However, Baris seemed to know something about it.


“Evolve!? Are you saying that this stone allows you to evolve!?”

“Huh? You know about these?”

“Not only I, but the Princess and General know of it as well. After all, it is part of our goblin myths.”


Rienna nodded at these words, but Erevan looked confused as he tilted his head.


“General… Have I not told you the story so many times…”

“S-sorry… I don’t remember those…myths or anything like that.”

“Haahh… Well, nevermind.”


Baris said with exasperation. Then he asked me a question.


“Lord Heal, do you know of any monsters that are similar to us?”

“…Similar? Do you mean like Hobgoblins or Leaf Goblins?”

“Yes, as you say. For instance, these Hobgoblins that are closer to orcs in physique, they used to be normal goblins like us. However, goblins who fought against humans wanted the strength to win against them. And so they acquired these stones…”

“So, larger goblins are the ones who evolved then. Is it the same with Leaf Goblins?”

“Yes. In order to survive in the deep forests, they wanted bodies that were covered in leaf-like hair. That is what a Leaf Goblin is.”

“I see.”


So it was used to become stronger or to adapt to harsh environments.


“However, we always thought that it was just a myth… I never thought the day would come that I would actually see one.”


Baris said with much emotion.


“Does uh…anyone want to try it out?”


I asked out of curiosity.


However, Baris shook his head.


“While I am interested, it is too great an honor for someone like me. Besides, I am rather fond of this old body.”


Erevan nodded as well.


“I have no complaints about my current form. If anything, I am so amazing right now, that I would be a fool to give it up.”


Erevan said as he proudly showed us his biceps.

Erevan had already had a body that was too large for a goblin. He was intimidating to humans like me.


However, it wasn’t as if Baris and Erevan were completely uninterested.

They were only saying this because they wanted Rienna to be the one to use this stone.

After all, it would change her lifespan.


And Rienna herself seemed interested in evolution.


“I-I… I would so much like to be of better use to you, Lord Heal… If I could use magic…I…”


Goblins couldn’t use magic.

Their bodies did not store any magical energy.

Perhaps she felt that she could change that if she evolved.


“B-but…I wouldn’t dare use something that is so valuable!”


Rienna quickly shook her head.


“Hmm. But if you could use magic, you would be able to do so much more. That’s worth a lot more than this. If you’re interested, why not use it?”


“Besides, there is your lifespan to consider… I want you to live as long as possible.”


I said. And Baris and Erevan nodded deeply.


“Lord Heal…and you two…”


Rienna thought about it for a moment.

Then she took in a deep breath and said,


“I…I want to evolve.”

“I see. Then it’s settled…yes.”


I handed Rienna the Ascension Monster Stone.


“Thank you… I will change so that I can be of better use to you, Lord Heal.”


Rienna said. And then she grasped the stone tightly.


And then, Rienna’s body was enveloped in light.

The light grew and then exploded in a blinding flash.


Once it faded away, what we saw there was…


“A h-human?”


Erevan said in surprise.


It was no wonder.

In the spot that Rienna had been standing, was a beautiful woman with clear pale skin and long black hair that reached her waist.

She had long legs and arms and a shapely figure.


It was hard to believe that this was the same Rienna… After all, the person standing there could have only been a human.


And so Baris, Erevan and I were very surprised.

As for Mappa, he had fainted with a bloody nose.

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    • Did you ever expected otherwise? Tyoung grasshopper, the moment that goblin princess arrived on that island and it was disclosed to actually be a girl, it was set in stone that
      #1 she was gonna be the first one to evolve
      #2 it was gonna be a humanoid form..
      What Surprised me was actually how long it took…..

  1. I was expecting at some point Rienna would get a human form. So I guess she’s the girl on the front cover.

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