Cave King – 14

Chapter 14 – I fainted!


I shook Mappa’s body.




And so I had to cast healing magic on the fallen, bleeding Mappa.


Erevan said to me,


“…Chief. He is only unconscious. He did the same thing earlier when seeing one of the goblin women.”

“What are you talking about, Erevan! Don’t you know how dangerous blood loss can be for humans?”

“Y-yes, of course… It’s just that…he is a human?”


What could he be if not human?

But it was true. Mappa was a little short and stout for a human.

He had a beard like an old man, but his skin was very soft and smooth.

In fact, there wasn’t a single wrinkle on his face…and his bottom wasn’t sagging.


Well, in any case, he really wasn’t in all that much danger.

Perhaps I had exaggerated my reaction because…

I wanted to avert my eyes from a naked woman…


As I shouted loudly, ‘Hey, Mappa!” Erevan and Baris were sweating.


“…Princess? Is that really you?”


Baris asked. Rienna answered with a ‘Huh?’

Erevan continued.


“But Princess…you look just like a human…”

“Me? A human?”


Rienna looked down at her hands and touched her long legs and body.”


As she did this, Shiel stretched itself out in front of her.

It was so she could see her own reflection. Very perceptive.


Rienna looked at her new body in the mirror.


“This…is me?”


Rienna touched her slightly flushed cheeks.

It was as if she could not believe that she looked like that.


Baris also seemed like he didn’t understand what was happening, and he asked me,


“Is it truly possible for a goblin to evolve into a human?”

“I-I don’t know either…”


I wasn’t the right person to ask.

But one thing was certain, Rienna was still tamed by me.

As an effect of the taming skill, I was able to tell who was and who wasn’t tamed.


If she was tamed, that meant she was still a monster.



It had a strange ring to it now that she looked different.

It was no wonder, since she looked like an ordinary human now.


Baris folded his arms and then turned to Rienna.


“Perhaps this happened because it was the form that you desired. Did you want to become a human, Princess?”

“Huh…? N-no. I just… I just wanted to become more useful to Lord Heal!”

“That does not seem like enough reason to turn human… Ahh, you did say that you wanted to be able to use magic. And humans can use magic.”

“Ye-yes. Perhaps that is it.”


Rienna coughed lightly and looked at me as if embarrassed.


“Lord Heal… What…do you think?”


Uh, what was I supposed to say…

You look pretty…?

No, no. I had to treat her exactly as I did before…


“Yes… It would make things a lot easier for me if you can use magic now. You would be able to heal people like this.”


I said as I shook Mappa.

Just then, Mappa’s eyes opened and he sat right up.

However, as soon as he saw Rienna, he squirted blood all over my face and then fainted.


“L-lord Heal! Your face!”


Rienna picked up a nearby handkerchief and walked towards me.

Of course, this meant there was no avoiding getting an eyeful…


And so seeing a woman naked for the first time caused me to lose consciousness.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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