Realist Demon King – 82

Genius Strategist


And so the battle with Decarbia in front of Kongming’s house began.

While it was our second fight, we had the advantage this time.

After all, we were used to fighting it now.

While its shape was unusual, its attacks were simple.

All it did was unleash rays of light from the center of its body.


It created magic shields to block our attacks, but it couldn’t get them all.


With enough attacks in succession, there would be gaps and attacks would slip through.


Toshizou and I worked together to push Decarbia, and at the same time, Orthros killed the goblins and orcs, one after another.


By the time he had ripped the belly of his tenth goblin open, whatever loyalty or fear they felt towards Decarbia vanished.


“We-we can’t win against such a monster.”


And the battle line crumbled.

Once that happened, Orthros moved his attention to Decarbia. And so I asked him, 


“I appreciate the help. But shouldn’t you go and save your master?”


Orthros answered in a low voice.


“…That is not necessary. My master is moving according to his plan.”


“And what plan is that?”


I asked. But in the next instant, Kongming’s entire house collapsed as it was enveloped in flames.

It was just as I was starting to have doubts; Kongming appeared in a surprising direction.

And he was carrying a crossbow in his hands.

And with a confident smile, he said,


“You may think this is a western crossbow, but it is not. It’s a repeating crossbow that I have invented.”


And then he fired it.


As it was multiple bolts coming from an unexpected direction, Decarbia was unable to react in time, and all of the bolts hit him.




He screamed. But I was more interested in where Kongming had come from.


“My life is always in danger. Is it any surprise that I should have made a secret passage?”


“I see. That makes sense. However, why didn’t you just run away?”


“Yes, that would not have been a bad idea. Perhaps I am unworthy of being called a strategist for not going down that path. However, while I may have abandoned the world, I have not yet abandoned my humanity. And I could not ignore someone who had come to save me.”


“Does that mean you will come and work for me?”


“I heard about the story of the three visits after my death. Well, this time it was three and a half. But that is quite amusing in itself.”


As he said this, he fired off another round of bolts.


However, it was hardly a surprise this time, and Decarbia blocked them. Still, I didn’t miss that Decarbia was now distracted.


I sent magic energy to my right hand and then enveloped it with fire.

Then I chanted.


“My right-hand groans and howls!

It roars and shouts for the death of the Demon King!

Attack of the Demon King Roaring Flame Fist!!”


And with that, I thrust my burning hand into Decarbia’s stomach.

It pierced him until it reached what I assumed was his heart.

And then my fingers wrapped around it and crushed it until he was dead.

Well, that had been my intention, but it was only half complete.


Indeed, my hand did thrust into his body and destroy his heart. But this was a monster I was dealing with. 


Destroying a single heart was not enough.


Damn it. Damn this Demon King. Decarbia spat. Then he tried to retreat.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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    • How could that be? He’s the second son of a noble.

      Queen Elizabeth’s family and a few people in Saudi Arabia aside, I don’t know any other nobility that lived in the modern era.

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