Realist Demon King – 82


A mist began to exude from his body.

He had activated a spell of thick mist.

He would try to obscure our vision and escape, but I already knew he would try to do something like this.


“Someone who runs once will likely do it again. It becomes a habit for them.”


I said. Then Hijikata asked me.


“It’s fine if that’s all they do. But Decarbia is stubborn. He will only try and attack again.”


“Indeed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be more talented when it comes to ambushes. And so we better take him down now. It must end here.”


I declared. And then I used Telepathy.

I wanted to talk to another warrior who was not currently present.


“Decarbia will be coming your way soon. He’s wounded. You should be able to cut him in half now. Jeanne, I’m counting on you to finish him.”


“Okay. But I cannot see much in this mist.”


“Don’t worry. I put some bugs into his body when I pierced through his guts. They are glowing bugs. You should be able to seem them when they are close.”


“Very good, Demon King. Always prepared.”


Jeanne said. And then she fell silent.

Apparently, Decarbia had come close to her.

While I couldn’t see her, I could imagine her looking at him very seriously.

I trusted that she would get the job done.


And so I kept quiet and focused on helping her know where he was.


I made the bugs inside of him glow.

And with that, parts of Decarbia’s body began to light up.


It must have come as a great shock to Decarbia, who thought the mist would allow him to escape. Not that he would have much time to feel that emotion.


For Jeanne was lying in wait like a ravenous wolf.


As soon as the light flashed from within the mist, she unsheathed her holy sword and cut Decarbia in half.


—That was what should happen.


I wasn’t using magic to see what was happening. I just listened with Telepathy. But someone of Jeanne’s ability should have no problem defeating Decarbia at this point.


I had no doubts about it. But it took a few seconds for it to be confirmed.


I heard the scream.



It was low and wild. Clearly, it wasn’t Jeanne.

After a moment, I heard Jeanne’s proud voice say,


“I, servant of God and the Maid of Orleans, Jeanne d’Arc, have killed Demon King Decarbia!”


Upon hearing this I praised her by saying, ‘Well done!’

Toshizou and Kongming looked very relieved when they heard this.


“It is a relief that we will no longer have to fight that starfish.”

Toshizou said honestly.


Kongming was also happy to be free from his stalker.


“He was not a good fit for a King. But he was certainly an S-Rank in persistence.”


After that, we reunited with Jeanne.

I wanted to see his corpse with my own eyes and also take it back with us.

Materials from a Demon King were very powerful.


When I talked to Toshizou about this, he said,


“He was a starfish, so maybe you should dry him out and eat him. Isn’t that what your people did?”


No, you are thinking about sea cucumbers. Kongming replied cooly. And so they followed me to where Decarbia lay.


It was then that it really hit me that he had become my subordinate.

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    • What’s with these people, talking about eating a Demon Lord like that. He isn’t a regular starfish, either. He’s one of those hideous deep sea Lovecraft monsters.

      Speaking of which, maybe Cthulu summoned Decarbia to that world. He is a god, after all.

  1. Error??
    Kingming appeared in a surprising direction. -> Kongming appeared in a surprising direction.

    Thanks for the treat. 🖖🏻(●’◡’●)

  2. He must have gained the power of the Dark Gundam With the Help of Kongming!!!
    This hand of mine Glows with an Awesome POWER!
    G Gundam is truly the best Gundam series.

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