Realist Demon King – 83

A Charismatic Demon King


Saint Jeanne was sitting on top of Demon King Decarbia’s corpse.

Apparently, he made a comfortable seat.

She looked quite heroic and mystical as she sat there.


The scene was something out of a religious painting. But then I started to wonder if the hungry Jeanne hadn’t already eaten parts of Decarbia.


She was not pleased when I asked her about this.


“You are making fun of me, Demon King. Even if he looks like a starfish, I would not eat a demon. Don’t lump me in with such people.”


She said. Kongming seemed like he didn’t care enough to reply to her. Instead, he said,


“Well, that is definitely Decarbia’s corpse.”


But then he continued.


“To be precise, it will be his corpse very soon.”


“He’s still alive?”


And so I asked Jeanne to move.




And when she got off, Decarbia let out a groan.


“Ah. So he is alive. Shall I put him out of his misery?”


Jeanne asked as she put a hand on her sword. I stopped her.

He was barely breathing. It was clear that there was nothing he could do at this point.

And I was right.

He was breathing his last breath. And then he said,


“…Kekekeke… I commend you, Demon King Ashtaroth.”


“You were quite tenacious as well.”


“I was only this tenacious because you were an enemy worth fighting.”




“Well, you haven’t seen just how tenacious I can be yet.”

“What do you mean?”


“I may die here, but I will leave you with a gift.”


“How considerate of you. Where is it?”


“Ah, you will have it soon enough. That is for certain.”


“I won’t know if it’s from you, in that case. You need to give me a hint.”


“…Hekekeke. Very well. There is a Demon King who goes by Zagam, who lives in a neighboring territory.”


“I have heard the name.”


“I sent him a souvenir. A gift.”


“That’s very congenial of you.”


“Hardly. He is an enemy. We’ve fought over these lands for decades.”


“But you’re putting all that aside now?”


“As they say, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


“I see.”


“It’s quite simple. You defeated me. That doesn’t sit right with me. And so I am sending him a gift to strengthen him. And then he will kill you.”


“I see. I’d expect no less from a Demon King.”


“Thank you.”


“It’s not a compliment. Now, any last words? This is getting very boring for me.’


Decarbia said he had one last thing.

And so I allowed him to speak.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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