Cave King – 19

Chapter 19 – I made a pretty doll!


“So, what now…”


I was looking at the Mithril swords and armor that had been carried out of the big stone room.


As Mappa was concentrating on his smithing, Shiel and the other slimes had carried them by sliding it over their bodies.


Because of this, Mappa was able to make a lot of tools including pickaxes.

But even then, there were four sets left.


And so I was considering using them to arm a doll.

This was because it was possible that someone else might find a similar room with Golems in the future. And that would be incredibly dangerous.


If I was there, I could probably deal with it…

But currently, the only person who lived here and could use magic other than me was Rienna.

And Rienna was outside of the cave most of the time.

And so I thought it would be a good idea to have a powerful doll that could guard the tunnels.


I could embed the Magic Stone into it so it could use Shield, which would protect against all kinds of attacks.


If I enchanted it with my own magic, it should be able to create a very powerful Shield.


The one thing I wasn’t sure about was whether the Doll would also be able to use my magic detection skill.


<<Dolls with a Heart Stone core can acquire skills depending on the parts that are used to make them.>>



According to the Advisor, Dolls could learn skills as well.

So maybe they would be able to use Magic Detection if I store an immense amount of energy into the Magic Stone.


Golems could not talk.

However, during the Killer Bird attack, it had been able to understand my words and act. In that case, I should be able to command them to warn the others if they sense any magic.


And if they were equipped with the Mithril armor and swords…


I looked at the 3-meter swords and the armor that was big enough to fit 4 or 5 people inside.


…To be honest, wouldn’t they just get in the way?


These giant Golems would have to put on this armor and patrol those narrow tunnels.

They would get in people’s way and make mining difficult.


…Hmmm. What should I do?


“Lord Heal? Are you not feeling well?”


Came a soft voice and so I turned around.

And there was Rienna, with her long black hair and worried expression.


“Uh, I’m fine… I was just thinking about something.”

“I see… If there is anything that I can do, please let me know. Also, I brought you this.”


Rienna handed me a wooden bowl that was filled with water.


“…Thank you, Rienna.”


I accepted the water and took a sip.


“…It’s delicious.”


Was normal water really this good?

There was ice in it to be sure, but there was something else about it that was refreshing.

And maybe even a little sweetness.


“Is there something in here?”

“Yes! Lemons and coconut water! It wouldn’t last very long if we drank it straight, so I’ve been diluting it with water. We have to save.”

“Saving, huh. If anything, it’s not too sour and is very refreshing. I prefer it to juice…”

“Really!? Hehe. Yes!”


Rienna made a fist and smiled.

I chuckled at her cheerfulness.


“Alright then, I’ll make some more for the others!”

“Yes, yes. Good luck!”

“Thank you, Lord Heal!”


Rienna hummed as she returned to the kitchen.

She set a large wooden bowl on top of a stone table and then took out the lemons and coconuts. Rienna paused and took in a deep breath.




She shouted and she started furiously crushing the lemons.

Then she picked up a knife and cracked the coconuts cleanly in half.


My eyes widened at this display of strength.


Huh? Since when was she so strong?

I had seen her train with Erevan many times, but…


It wasn’t just that. Rienna was using Freeze on the water in order to make ice.

I had only taught her about Freeze once…


Ever since she had acquired her new body, Rienna was active in challenging herself.


Body, huh…


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. That moment when the adorable girl shows some monstrous strength… Well, at least she has some insurance that weak baddies won’t be able to bother her.

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