Cave King – 56

Chapter 56 – There was a forest!?


When we approached the base of the tree, we saw that there was an area with several tables.


And on these tables, were clean white pieces of cloth.


Anyone who got too close to the tree would start to feel light-headed.

Baris said this was likely because of the golden powder that leaked from the World Tree.


Hearing this made it sound quite dangerous, but it was also thanks to this powder that the plants were growing at an accelerated rate.

When the powder rained down over the soil, the plants grew strong.


What if the Satan Shellfish was also eating this powder?

All of the monsters were very thin when they first arrived here.

However, they seemed to be quite muscular now.

Perhaps it really was good for your health… Besides, it felt so good…


No, that was a dangerous way to think…


Previously, an immense amount of the golden powder had rained down because of the hole that Mappa had gotten stuck in.

It was Baris’s view, that since the hole was gone, that there was no need to worry now.


However, who knew what would happen near the top?

These white cloths were likely supposed to be used as masks, so you did not breathe in the powder.


However, I decided that instead of using the masks, I would create a Shield around us so that we wouldn’t breathe it in.


And like that, we started to climb up the spiraling path that went along the side of the World Tree.


While I was walking slowly, Ril and Mel rushed on ahead as if they were having a race.


This path was made from wooden boards that were hung by ropes that were tied to the tree branches.

And it was wide enough for three people to walk side by side.

The ropes were made of spider webs, and there was even something like a hand railing.

So even though it swayed a little, I didn’t have to worry about Ril and Mel falling off.


While they may not look like much, the webs of Cave Spiders were very strong.

On the way, I heard the sounds of heavy footsteps coming from behind me. And when I turned around, I saw the Mithril Golem. Number 15.


Did it have business with me?

No, that’s not it. It was carrying a sack in its hands.

So it was transporting it for someone.


Well, I wished that it wouldn’t run like that…

We rose higher and higher…the planks swayed… I had only just started to feel better, but the feeling in my throat was coming back…


And so I cast healing magic on myself as we continued to climb.


And then, I saw two familiar kobolds.


The kobold brothers, Ashton and Haines.


Ril and Mel had reached them first, and were being patted gently on the head.


When I approached them, they also noticed me.


Ashton let go of Ril and bowed his head.


“Ah, Lord Heal. It’s quite rare for you to come here.”

“Yes. I only ever visit the World Tree at night. So I had no idea that all of this had been built. When did it happen?”

“Officially, it wasn’t finished until yesterday. As it offers a better view than the tower, we decided to station some watchers up here. But um… Since you came all of the way here, it would be better to see it for yourself.”

“Oh? Is it that exciting?”


Ashton looked very pleased as he nodded.


Haines continued.


“By the way, Princess Rienna is also up there. She said that the thing that she’s been working on is nearly finished!”

“Oh. Well, maybe I should come back another day?”

“No, she said that she was just waiting for Number 15 to bring something. And since it just passed us, I think she should be finished now.”

“I see. Well, I’ll go and take a look then.”

“I would recommend it. Well, please excuse us now.”


Haines and Ash both bowed and then waved at Ril and Mel before continuing on their way down.


“So, there’s something up there. We better go and look.”


And so, along with Ril and Mel, we started to climb once again.


While it took some time, it was not very steep, so we didn’t get tired.

Had it been more than ten minutes now…? I wondered as I looked to the side. The vast sea spread out before us.


This really was perfect for keeping watch… Though, it was harsh for someone who didn’t like heights…


“Just a little more… I can do this. Ah…”


As I started to feel nauseous again, Shiel the slime came over to where I was standing.

Apparently, it was going to help me climb.


“Shiel… Thank you.”


Without saying anything, Shiel carried me while I was still standing.


About three minutes later, I was able to see the end of the path.


This was where the branches of the World Tree split and spread out.

The top of the thick trunk.


And it was here that I gasped.


“This place… It’s a forest?”


They were branches, but in the World Tree, they were as high and thick as trees you would see on the surface.

There were many of them. The sight of them stretching upwards was the exact image of a forest.


And near the base of these branches, grew flowers and grass.


“When did these grow?”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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