Cave King – 46

Chapter 46 – The ship was completed(kind of)!!


And so I decided to stop mining for now and head towards the reclaimed ground where Kamyu was waiting, before having my lunch.


Now that I thought about it, I had left Kamyu in charge of making the ship…


Of course, she wasn’t making it from scratch. The ship that Ashton and the kobolds came in had been taken apart and they were using the parts to make a new ship.

And since I had no knowledge at all on ship building, there was nothing for me to do.


I had seen it from afar during the morning, and it had already been in the shape of a ship. So perhaps she had finished it now.


As if to support this, I was able to see a grand sailing ship surrounded by a crowd of people from the cave’s entrance.


It was a two-decker with three masts… This was a great upgrade from the ship that Ashton had originally arrived in.


You could see that Kamyu had indeed spent decades at sea.

She had more knowledge of ships than anyone on Sheorl island… No, she was probably among the top few of the entire continent.


In any case, this now meant that we would have access to things that we couldn’t get on this island.


Everyone should be happy… That was what I thought, but the closer I got, I saw that the orcs surrounding Kamyu all had dark expressions.


“…Hm? What happened?”


I asked. And they all turned to me.

Kamyu was folding her arms with a serious expression as she answered.


“…Ah, dear Lord Heal! So you came.”

“Uh, yeah. You called me because the ship is finished, right?”

“Um, that’s right… But first… All of you, this is for Lord Heal. So how can you complain?”


Kamyu said to them admonishingly.


The orcs listened to Kamyu and nodded somberly.

Apparently, they had made some kind of appeal, and Kamyu was telling them to endure it for now.


As for me, if there was something that was bothering the orcs, I wanted to know about it.

Of course, this was a small island, and not every problem had a solution…


“Wait, Kamyu. There is a problem, right? Then don’t hesitate to tell me.”

“Lord Heal… The thing is, they do not want to go out to sea anymore.”

“In other words… They are now afraid of the sea?”


I asked while turning to them. They all nodded.


“…Well, I don’t blame you.”


After all, the legendary creature, the Leviathan, had destroyed such a huge fleet in the blink of an eye…

I could feel their pain by just thinking about it.

Not only had most of their comrades died, but many had been turned into undead.


It seemed that Kamyu felt the same, but…


“All of them…were somehow able to accept the deaths of their comrades… And they do not hate working on a ship. In fact, they seem to enjoy going out to fish.”

Kamyu said as she stared at the horizon.


“But, when this island… When land becomes far away, their bodies suddenly shake… And they fear that they will be attacked by the Leviathan again.”

“I see…”


Thinking of it like that, I too started to feel fear towards the sea.

To think that such a giant creature existed down there…


“However, the Leviathan is dead. And so I try to tell them that it is alright…”


Kamyu said. But then one of the orcs opened his mouth as if to represent the others.


“But, boss… You said it yourself. No creature is born without parents. Nothing in this world!”

“That’s why I’m saying that it’s no ordinary living creature!”


As Kamyu said, clearly this wasn’t a common creature you could find anywhere.


However, the other orcs were right.

There was no insurance that there was only one Leviathan in this world.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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