Cave King – 142

Chapter 142 – I Explored Sheorl Town!

For the next few days after seeing the palace, I spent my time expanding the cave where we had found the Septium.

While the days continued to be very uneventful, Rienna suddenly called out to me one day as I returned to the surface for lunch.

“Lord Heal! The Commercial District and the Administrative District are finally complete.”
“Oh, I better go and take a look then.”
“Please do. The advice of Leila’s men and Shiel were taken into account, and the results are quite splendid!”
“Well, I can’t wait to see it.”

And so Rienna and I immediately set out for this ‘town’ that was now in Sheorl.

First, we had to go through the palace.
There were paths on both sides of the staircase in the center of the palace, so we didn’t need to go around it like the last time.

After the palace, we came out into a town square. It was clearly different from the last time we were here.

“This is amazing!”

What was spread out before me was indeed a very impressive town.
There were even four and five-story buildings. The kind that you might expect to see in Sanfaris.

And they were all made of stone.
Not only could I see marble and ash-colored rocks, but there were also white and beige walls. They had probably made paint out of pigmented rocks.
As for the roofs, they were all made with orange roof tiles.

“This is all so… I mean, I’m surprised that everything is so colorful.”
“Yes, everything was either white or gray up until now. According to Shiel, they found some paint that was stored in the underground city, and so they used that. Apparently, it hasn’t gone bad.”
“I see… And over here is the…”
“This is the Administrative District. Everyone will be in different buildings depending on their role.”
“A place for ministries and agencies then? To think it was all done in a couple of days…”

The walls of the buildings were all decorated with impressive engravings.
The anchor mark was clearly for Kamyu’s department, as she was in charge of ships and the navy. The sword and shield mark would be for Erevan, who was in charge of the military… It was very easy to see what the buildings were for.

“A lot of it is because of Shiel and the people of the empire… Many of them were involved in construction. With their help, Mappa was even able to create a water and sewage system. I think the sewage water is going to be incinerated…but I don’t really understand such things.”
“Huh…even water… They really thought of everything.”
“Do you want to look inside as well?”
“No, I’m sure people are still getting used to their jobs. I think I’ll just go if I have business there.”
“In that case, we should go through the Residential District and then see the Commercial District on the other side of the castle wall!”

And so we left the Administrative district and went to the Residential District up north.
One thing I noticed as we walked down the main road, was that not only were there lamp posts, but there were also trees and flowers decorating the road.
Furthermore, there were even fountains and water ways. The sounds of running water were quite wonderful.

The Residential District was just as impressive. And like the Administrative District, there were many buildings that were over three-stories high.

Rienna looked up at them and said,

“Leila’s people and the people from the underground empire prefer to live up here, instead of in the caves.”
“Humans really do like the sunlight.”

Well, as for me…I preferred being underground…

“Every block is made so that the houses create a square that surrounds a courtyard. They are going to grow all kinds of plants inside!”
“Now that sounds exactly like how they did things in Sanfaris. I hope that they can be places of relaxation.”

After passing through the Residential District, a very grand castle gate came into view.
It had two roofed towers on its sides, the gates, which had great pillars and statues, were made of marble.

“Woah. The gate looks incredible… Do we go through this to reach the Commercial District?”
“Yes! And this right here is…”

We walked through the gate and were greeted by an immense plaza. There was a giant fountain in the center, and you could see the sea from where we stood. Of course, that view included the posterior of the giant Mappa statue.

“It’s incredible…”
“It’s Sheorl’s front door, after all! Merchant’s who visit us will be spending most of their time here.”

As Rienna said, if you weren’t a resident, you were pretty much restricted to this district.

Now that I thought of it, Baris had talked about wanting to make this area very grand in order to show how prosperous this island was.

And so buildings that faced the plaza were especially extravagant.

There was one building that was taller than all the others. It seemed to be a bell tower or a clock tower.

“Aside from stores, there are also inns. However…”

I knew what Rienna was going to say before she said it.

“What can we sell? Indeed…”
“Yes. We have already decided to sell fish and rock materials, but as for the rest… Well, you spoke about it before, Lord Heal.”

If we tried to sell precious metals and jewels, it could have a massive impact on the continent’s economy.

As for stones with special properties, like the Teleportation Stones, there was too much of a risk that they would be misused, and so I could not sell them.

So that really just left fish and ordinary rock materials.
While the branches of the World Tree were of good quality, that was also something that would affect prices of normal wood on the continent.

“The others are all thinking about it as well… As for Mister Mappa, he is trying to sell those things.”

Rienna said as she pointed to a building in the corner of the Commercial District. Smoke was coming out of its chimney.

So that’s where Mappa’s smithy was now.
As for what he was trying to sell…

They were statues modeled after Mappa himself.
Most seemed to be made of stone. And he wanted people to buy them…

Well, as I’ve said before, the craftsmanship was impressive.
But who would ever want to buy something like that…

I suppose if it was after they saw the Giant Mappa statue, they might think that it’s a symbol of this island and buy these as a souvenir.

“…Ah, but crafted products are a good idea. We can make things out of the branches of the World Tree, for instance.”
“That would be wonderful! Wooden bracelets were very popular among us goblins.”
“I think the people of Sanfaris would like them too. Still, we’ll need more than just that…”

Fish, rocks, crafted products… As merchants, we needed something with greater appeal.
We were expanding our vineyards in order to grow grapes for wine, but that would still take a long time.
This island needed something else that it could be famous for.

“I know… Hey, Rienna. The leaves of the World Tree can be turned into tea, right?”
“Yes. You can either roast them over a fire or ferment them in order to make black tea.”
“Leaves are constantly falling from the World Tree. Why don’t we turn them into tea leaves? We can even make a tea house. The people of Sanfaris don’t drink tea very often, but it could become popular if it tastes good.”
“That’s a brilliant idea! Food and drink will likely not have too much of an effect on the kingdom.”
“Alright, then we’ll do that. We can even design some special packaging.”

And like that, we went about creating special products for Sheorl.

However, during this time, a certain man was visiting the island once again.

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