Cave King – 143

Chapter 143 – The Merchant Returned!

“Hmm. This tea is quite good…”

Demon King Elto was gracefully enjoying some tea under the World Tree.

“So, you like it then? I’ve been asking around about it. We’re thinking about making this tea one of the products this island will be known for.”
“I have no complaints! When I return to the continent and retake my place on the throne, I shall buy this tea at a high price!”
“I’m grateful to hear that.”
“Yes, it really is some good tea… Huh!?”

As Elto smiled with pleasure, her face suddenly turned to shock.

“I can smell it. Someone with the same scent as me is coming from that direction…”

Elto said as she pointed to the ground.

And so I searched for magic energy in that direction.

“You’re right… It’s far away, but also very big. Hey, this is…”

It was a familiar shape… And if it smelled just like Elto…

“A dragon…an Earth Dragon?”

I looked at Elto and she nodded in agreement.

“Indeed. This smell of dirt could only come from an Earth Dragon. I should go and meet it.”
“Don’t worry, I told the others to let Earth Dragons come through. If it’s the same dragon that came last time, Roydon, then he should come to meet us up here on the surface.”
“I see. Then I should wait for him here, like the Demon King that I am.”

So saying, Elto reclined heavily into her chair.

We waited for some time after that, and then a giant dragon came lumbering out of the cave.

It was Roydon… He started waving at me as soon as our eyes met.

“Ah, Heal! I see that you’ve been well!”
“Hello, Roydon! You look pretty good yourself!”

Roydon and I bumped our fists together.

“I decided to take you up on your offer, and have brought all kinds of things with me! Also, some of my friends will be visiting soon as well.”
“I see. We happened to have made a Commercial District. There’s even an inn, so you should go and see it later.”
“Oh, I see. Then I think that I’ll stay here tonight! …Oh, by the way, who is that young lady that’s been staring this way?”

Roydon asked. Elto growled in reply.

“Who are you calling a young lady! Youngsters these days have no manners! I was once called the Dem…”
“Wait, wait, Elto! I’ll explain it to Roydon.”

Roydon looked very confused.
He would likely not believe whatever Elto told him.

And so I decided to tell him myself.
Elto was originally a Demon King from the continent, and a Hero had sealed her away.

“…So, that’s what happened.”
“Thi-this young lady?”
“I’m not a young lady! I even look like a grown woman! Or have you not been able to grasp the full extent of my great power?”

Sweat began to pour from Roydon’s forehead as Elto spoke.

“N-no…your magic is immense. But since Heal is so strong, it’s not really surprising to me that he has strong friends…”

Roydon said. Elto’s mouth then closed and her shoulders slumped.

I suppose she had lost face as a Demon King.

However, Roydon continued.

“But, Heal. I’m surprised that you knew the story about Demon King Elto and the battle with the Hero.”
“Well, it was Elto who told me about it.”

Roydon looked at Elto with a conflicted expression.

“That is hard to believe…”
“I really am a dragon! See!”

So saying, Elto transformed from a dark-skinned woman to a dragon.

A dragon that was smaller than Roydon.

Upon seeing this, Roydon just tilted his head as if he were even more confused.
Indeed, she did not really look like a Demon King…

I turned to the disappointed Elto and said,

“Well, thousands of years have passed. So it can’t be helped.”
“Grrrrr… I knew this would happen. But it still makes me sad.”

And then Elto fell into my arms and wept like a child.

Roydon looked very apologetic as he said,

“I-I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I’ll even give you some wyvern meat.”

This only caused Elto to cry even harder.

I had already told her that dragons were now fighting and eating each other…
But it was still something that made her grieve.

“Ro-roydon. I’m sorry that this is all so sudden. In any case, why don’t you go to the hotspring and wash off that sweat? Then we can eat.”
“Oh, ah… I thank you.”

So saying, Roydon followed Number 15 off to the hot spring.

“Elto, you have to be flexible. First, listen to Roydon and learn about the continent. Ask him if there isn’t anything that he can do to help. I’m sure they’ll slowly come to understand and accept you as the former Demon King.”
“Sniff…yes…I will do that.”

However, she continued to cry in my arms for quite some time after that.

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  1. Got to remember that Elto was sealed in the deep for a very long time, and she was all alone, so her mental health is probably very low.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. Hmm… Elto’s waifu potential just shot through the roof. Clinging to Heal for comfort because her decedents are practicing what she considers cannibalism gives us a lot more empathy for her. I don’t think this will turn into something romantic, but it has a certain charm to it.

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