Cave King – 25

Chapter 25 – The island’s new kobold residents!


After that, the rest of the Tibris tribe from the ship also started to come to the island.


However, there were many who were wounded, ill, or malnourished. Some were too weak to get on the boats.


And so I decided to go to the ship and treat them.


Ash bowed as he traveled with me on the boat.


“…I’m sorry to have to inconvenience you like this. We are especially grateful because there are none among us who can use healing magic. However, it may be too late for some…”

“…I’ll just have to do what I can.”


I said as I boarded the ship.




The deck was much worse than I expected.

Many did not have hands or legs. They were laid out on the small ship and crammed together.


And from the far back, there was a stench so strong that I wanted to cover my nose.

When I asked, they told me it was the rotting corpse of their queen.

And so I gave them permission to building a grave on the reclaimed ground so that she could be properly buried.


In times like these, using advanced magic would be very useful, as you could cast healing magic over a wide area.

Unfortunately, while my magic was very strong, I had not learned any advanced magic…


I had assumed that I wouldn’t have any opportunity to use it anyway. And so I had not studied anything above mid-ranged magic.

That being said, up until my arrival on this island, I could barely even use the lowest of beginner magic…


If only someone could teach me. Or if there was magic book.

Well, I would just have to do what I could for now.


“That means healing them one at a time…”

“Lord Heal. I will help you!”


Rienna said from behind. She had come too.


“It’s for times like these that you taught me magic. Please leave it to me!”

“Thank you, Rienna. …All of you.”


Baris and a few other goblins, Taran, Shiel, and Mappa were also there.


“Please don’t mind us. You and the Princess must focus on treating them. The rest of us will do everything else.”


Baris said. And then he gave out orders to the other goblins.


They carried and helped those who could not walk by themselves.


Taran spat out webs and helped the kobolds onto the boats. Shiel acted like a stretcher to move them.


As for Mappa, he made canes for those without legs or arms to help them walk.


Once Erevan and the other goblins saw this from the island, they could not stay silent.


Erevan started to shout out orders while Fule pulled his arm.


“Hey! Help them carry their belongings off of the boat! And bring some food and water!”


I wasn’t sure if it was because they saw their lord working, or it was the wounded kobolds that made them feel pity. But they started to carry their belongings and bring food.


The Golems, Cave Spiders, and slimes also joined them.


As everyone on the island helped, we were soon able to carry all of the kobolds to the shore safely.

Some were not healed completely, but at least they would be able to rest now.


When I returned to dry land, the first person I talked to was Erevan.


“Erevan. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it! I am just here to obey your orders, Lord Heal! So…it’s not at all for those dog bastards.”


Erevan said. Fule tugged at his arm as if to remonstrate him.

However, Erevan just held her hand and looked at me with a conflicted expression.


“…Well, I best return to work. Let me know if you need help with anything.”


And with that, he pulled Fule away and returned to the other goblins.


From what I could see, they had finished moving all of the kobold’s belongings.


Ash, Haine, and the other kobolds that could move all knelt before me with deep gratitude.

There were more than 100 in all.


Ash opened his mouth as a representative.


“Lord Heal. All of you… We are nothing but grateful. As a way of repaying this debt, please allow us to serve you, Lord Heal.”


I had only intended to greet them as guests.

Of course, there was the baby. So I could understand why they might want to live here as well.


However, that meant they would have to stay here with the goblins for a long time…

Some common law might help bring some unity to these old enemies.

Swearing allegiance to me seemed like the easiest way to accomplish that.


The most important thing was that through taming them, the goblins and kobolds would be able to live on this island without fear.


The taming skill would not only prevent them from harming me, but tamed monsters were also not able to harm each other.

This only applied to acts with actual hostility or the will to kill. It did not affect something like a sword-fighting tournament.


In any case, even if they did start to quarrel with each other, it should not erupt into a physical fight.


I didn’t really want their loyalty, but if it meant everyone could live without fear, it seemed like the best option.


And so I decided to tame them one by one…

And just like with the goblins, I had to think of new names.


…To be honest, coming up with names for 100 people was back-breaking work.

Of course, most of them were just based off their old names.


But it wouldn’t be fair if I did nothing since I had given the goblins new names.

It was necessary.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. sounds like dictatorship with extra step, minus the time consuming generations of brainwashing, who needs free will when you’re fed..i guess.

  2. I personally think he should have given Erevan a choice… he lost his kids to that guy. He should have encouraged him not to take revenge, but say that he would respect his decision as long as it was limited to the perpetrators.

  3. I have to drop this for a few days… I’ve been reading to this chapter on one day and I started to hate MC even if he is 15…

    This novel is seriously turning bad. MC only think of mining and nothing more… I hope the cave… Cave-in.

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