Makai Hongi – 83

Chapter 83

I just wanted to be able to relax in the village.
Drink during the day and live like a degenerate.

If only someone else would do all of the hard work for me. That would be amazing.

“Sir Golan. I’ve brought you the petitions for the day.”
“Ugh…who caaaares…”


Rig looked at me with a puzzled expression.
Alright, it was time to end my little escape from reality.

“Petitions, eh? What are they about?”
“Apparently, more monsters are appearing on the road that leads to the next town. They want you to do something about it.”

One might wonder why they didn’t just hunt them down on sight. But I suppose it was difficult for the non-combat races.

“What did they do up until now?”
“They say that the monsters come down from the mountains. So that would have put them in the former Corps Commander’s jurisdiction. Apparently, he sent out his close subordinates.”

“Ah. So that group in black was hunting them down.”
“It is quite likely.”

“…I see. I’ll gather some men together and send them out when I can.”
“Not today?”

“I have to go and check the bridge. I won’t be able to gather people until I return.”
“Indeed. Then I will tell them that they must wait a few days.”

Rig bowed and then left.

…So, now I was busy processing confusing petitions in the village.
It had all been under Nehyor’s jurisdiction, but due to his abandonment of his post, they now had nowhere else to go.

Corps Commander Felicia was very busy with restructuring her army.
I understood that.

Nehyor had taken his own little pets, which left her just the four Commanders.
And they were hardly what I’d call reliable.

But there was one thing I understood now, and that was how good Nehyor had been with managing the town.
There was a proper office for petitions to be brought to, and he had his men take care of everything related to battle and hunting.

As this was the countryside, residents were few, while monsters were many.
Killing monsters meant the expanding of your vessel. So it was no wonder they were so active there.

“Still, I heard that the amount it expanded was very small.”

Most people agreed that you wouldn’t get that much stronger if you killed monsters.
Of course, if you continued to do it for hundreds of years, it would be a different matter.

Regardless, since Felicia was working desperately to rebuild the army, these jobs had come down to me.
As for the men that worked for me…

“Hey, Golan. Here we are again. You better be ready!”
“Exactly. We’re not the same today!”

And it wasn’t just the idiot siblings. Most of the Ogres were meatheads.

“Shut up. I’ll fight you all together, so go and wait outside!”

As it could not be helped, I went back to this old routine.
Beating up the siblings, that is.

It would have helped me greatly if their heads had been screwed on tighter, however, all Ogres were just like this.
And so I couldn’t really use anyone.

I would have to go out and deal with these annoying petitions myself.

“We’re going hunting tomorrow. That’ll mean fighting all sorts of monsters, so be ready.”
“So soon…”
Beka groaned…but it would probably be alright.

“Rig. I’m going to go and see the bridge now. Get ready.”

There was a road that connected the Ogre village to the town that Nehyor used to live in.
And in the middle, was a large bridge.

It was very sturdy, but sometimes the residents of the Demon World did things that exceeded my expectations.
Of course, this time it wasn’t anything ridiculous. Apparently, a giant had been running and tripped on the bridge.

The bridge shook, and a crack appeared down the middle.
Also, the handrails were partially destroyed.

I would have to go and look at the damage and give out orders.
It was so troublesome.

There was a hole in the center of the bridge, and cracks spread out in all directions.
“Will repairing it be enough?”

There was something similar to concrete in the Demon World.
It was a mixture of soil, ash, sand and water.

I was able to notice this thanks to the hole, but it had been made to be very thin in order to keep it light. So it was no wonder that a hole was made. But there was something else that bothered me.

“Hey, get over here.”
“Right away, sir.”

A Kobold and a Leprechaun rushed to me frantically.
I hadn’t really been mad, but my face was stiff.

“Was there no bracing to strengthen the bridge?”
“Bracing, sir?”

“Bars of iron, like this… I thought they are usually placed inside.”
“I don’t know… I have never seen anything like that.”

Well, I wasn’t a professional either. But I had seen it quite often in Japan.
However, they seemed to have trouble imagining such a thing. And as I tried to explain it to them, I suddenly remembered.

It was called reinforced concrete.
Buildings and bridges always used them.

The Dojo’s garden had been filled with concrete during some landscaping work once.
If I remembered correctly, it had also used it.

I think they had small, square cubes of concrete they laid out on the bottom. Then iron bars were placed over it like a net.

If they used such a thing for an ordinary garden, then surely it should be in a bridge.

“Having that will make the bridge stronger.”
I said knowingly, ending the explanation.

“We will try it at once.”
They said.
They were able to make wires, so there should be no problem.

“This bridge is very old. You will make a new one right next to it, and destroy the old bridge when you are finished. It’s too dangerous.”

An old bridge that wasn’t reinforced…and it was so thin.
It was better to do something before it collapsed.

“I’ll expect the new bridge to be able to withstand a falling giant.”
“Leave it to us.”

After that, every new structure they made used reinforced concrete.
I hoped they would last long.

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